Waxing is the most common hair-removal method, especially for its multiple benefits.
Despite this, there are some important things about it that you need to know for sure and they’ll probably be the answers to the questions that you have been asking yourself.


What kind of wax do I need?

That depends on the area that you want to treat:

hot waxingHot wax is used in sensitive areas, where the skin is thinner. These areas have to be treated with extra care and attention in order to avoid skin damage. We’d usually use this type of wax on underarms, upper lip, eyebrows and when doing intimate waxing.

Hot wax comes in many shapes and forms, from beads to cubes. When heat is applied to it, it becomes the consistency of thick honey. When applied, it dries and the wax is then flicked up at the corner and removed. It’s gentler, completely safe and also less painful in these sensitive areas.

-Strip wax
 is usually used on skin that is less sensitive and thicker, such as legs, arms, chest, back and shoulders. After applying the wax, by using a special strip and with the right technique and after-care, ingrown hair is a myth.



Is the same wax used on other people as well?


Absolutely not. Wax should never be used on other people. Used wax is thrown away once used and every tool has to go through a thorough disinfec9on. The method Figaro London’s beauty therapists use is completely hygienic, safe and the wax is never used on another person.


“Amazing! Probably the best and most painless treatment I’ve had and the lady was lovely and friendly!” Victoria


How should I prepare for a waxing appointment?


Avoid caffeinated drinks on the day when possible.
Caffein is a stimulant, therefore it also heightens nerve ending sensitivities. Cutting back on it will help to reduce discomfort.

Exfoliate your skin.
It will help to lift the hairs away from the skin, which will allow them to be more easily picked up by the wax. If you’ve been shaving, stop doing it at least 1 week before your wax appointment.



For more in-depth advice, check out what to do before and after a wax appointment.


When it comes to timing my waxing appointment (holidays etc.), what should I pay attention to?


First of all, don’t have your first appointment right before a holiday or a big event. Give your skin time to see how it responds to the treatment. Even when you’re experienced at wax, give a day or two for your skin to settle down.



What’s the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood wax?


With a classic Bikini wax, only hair outside the underwear will be removed.

Whereas, While Brazilian would leave a small strip on, Hollywood is all off (front and back).

brazilian waxing


Does intimate waxing hurt?


The discomfort of the treatment will only last for a few seconds and after regular waxing, the discomfort lessens because the hair follicle becomes weaker. Anyway, ladies seem feel uncomfortable mostly on the fertile days of their cycle as this is when their pain threshold is at its highest.



Is intimate waxing embarrassing?


Please don’t feel embarrassed, we are all the same after all … Believe it or not, it actually makes your beauty therapist happy doing a job that will make other people feel better about themselves. So nothing to feel embarrassed about. On your appointment, you’ll be given some wipes to freshen up if you want to and then, you’re ready to go.

Can I have intimate waxing while I am on my period?

Yes. It is absolutely fine and sometimes it’s unavoidable. But it’s worth to keep in mind that some women find the treatment more uncomfortable while on their period.



What should I wear for an intimate waxing appointment?

It’s a good idea to bring a clean change of underwear, especially if you’re not heading straight home after your waxing appointment. It is to make sure your open hair follicles stay clean and that we minimise the chance of them getting infected and prevent any break-outs.



Do you have any other waxing questions that bother you? Contact us, our beauty therapists will be pleased to help.





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