The process of colouring your natural hair is straightforward.

However, colouring your hair after it has already been coloured requires an appointment with your local hair salon, and a sincere consultation with your hairstylist.

But why is it essential for your hairsdresser to know about your hair history?

What if we told you that your hair history is the most crucial detail you can provide for us? Not knowing the full picture can be detrimental to the end result of your hair.

Your hair colourist needs to know about your full colour history

Going lighter and therefore, bleaching your hair is a sophisticated procedure that involves several chemical processes, and calls for the careful hands of a professional. – We have a dedicated blog that explains in-depth the complete process here.

If you are intending to take a visit to the salon, expecting a luscious, golden peach balayage for your perfect holiday in the Mediterranean, without mentioning to your hairdresser about the multiple occasions you bleached, coloured and highlighted your hair before, we suggest you reconsider.

Taking measures with previously chemically treated hair requires greater delicacy

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Even forgetting to mention just one minor detail about what’s been done to your hair before can completely throw off the success of the outcome.

To have a successful service, your hairdresser must be informed of a detailed timeline of all the procedures performed on your hair. (say, in the past 2 years or so).


Important factors your hair colourist will want to know: 
  • What your dream hair colour would be, 
  • Your natural hair colour
  • Your current colour
  • All previous colours
  • How long it has been since your last colouring appointment. 
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Risks associated with leaving out information regarding previous hair colour appointments

Proceeding with chemically bleached hair without this knowledge, may amplify the magnitude of damage when adding new chemical treatments. In addition to making your hair look drastically different from your envision, it could also be harmful to the general health of your hair.

As a result, it might ultimately ruin your dream holiday.

Therefore, assessing your hair history is crucial. It will allow the hairstylist to tailor, and select, which products and techniques to employ for your specific hair needs. Additionally, it will help estimate how many sessions and procedures will be required to achieve your desired look. It will also ensure minimum damage and help avoid unexpected consequences.

You may be impatient to achieve that sun-kissed ombre, and fear that notifying your hairstylist of your hair history will delay your dream winter lookbook. However, keep in mind that the time to recover will be longer, more complicated, and sometimes without a solution.

Don’t be scared to tell your hairdresser the whole story, as it is

So, don’t be afraid to share your hair history with your hair colourist. No need to feel ashamed about any mishaps. No need to be embarrassed. Your colourist is there to figure out a solution for you.

Think of a hair colour consultation as an appointment with your GP. You want to be open and honest about all your ailments, because only that way is your doctor able to provide you with the right prescription and medication.

Keep in mind that your hair colourist is also doing their best to assist you in achieving your desired look, your dream hair, while minimising risks.




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