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Really lovely staff and a fantastic service. Made me feel at ease and super comfortable during the treatment. And my nails look incredible!

Alexandra Pryanka

We are the only hair & beauty salon in the region offering Manicure and Pedicure

We work with the best colleagues who make sure your hands and nails will look stunning, paying careful attention to the health of your nails at all times. Hair, beauty and nails – you can find them all under one roof at Figaro London Hair & Beauty.


Everybody will stop you to look at your nails!

We do everything (Spa Manicure, Shellac / Gel Polish, Japanese manicure, Extensions, Infill), but the main point is how we do it. Expect nothing less but meticulous perfection, from cuticles to the last stroke of polish.

Do you bite your nails? We can help!

We get it. We know it. And we do understand it. If you ever get to a point where you say to yourself, ok, enough, you want to try and quit this bad habit once and for all – please know that there’s help. Manicure for nail biters is a treatment developed by Melania to help ladies and gents who want to stop biting their nails. Simply book an appointment to see it for yourself.


Put up your feet - and be pampered

Classic, Shellac, Spa Pedicure – expect a very thorough and highly professional pedicure service! The result: beautiful, natural looking toes and refreshed feet. Men are also welcome.

Bespoke nail extensions - our signature service

They fit your nails perfectly, are super comfortable to wear, and it only takes an hour to do them. A meticulously precise work that can only be done exceptionally by a real professional.

Meet Melania, our resident nail technician

Melania is a nail technician with a wealth of experience working in nail salons, looking after clients who expect meticulous precision. She’s genuine, kind, and her expertise in all things manicure and pedicure is exceptional. Besides working as a nail technician, Melania studies graphic design at university and has a flair for nail art. Do book and see it for yourself.

Japanese Nail Art with Maho Ishikawa

Labelled The ‘Chanel’ of Nail Art, Japanese Nail Design is something to experience for yourself. It takes time, it’s labour intensive, and requires meticulous attention to detail alongside the skills of a true artist. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it takes time. But boy, it’s so worth it.

Manicure & Pedicure Prices


No messing around, expect a very thorough, highly professional manicure service.


Manicure & OPI Nail polish (may last up to 7 days) £24 35 mins
Manicure & OPI Infinity Nail polish (may last up to 11 days!) £29 35 mins
Manicure for Gents £25 30 mins
Japanese Manicure £30 30 mins
Manicure for nail biters £55 45 mins
Manicure for nail biters - removal & redo £60 45 mins
Classic Shellac / OPI Gel polish (one colour) manicure £35 45 mins
BIAB Gel Forte Manicure - one colour (may last up to 3-4 weeks) £45 50 mins




Classic Pedicure (one colour OPI Nail Laquer polish) £34 40 mins
Classic Pedicure (one colour OPI Infinity Polish


40 mins
Gel Pedicure (one colour OPI or Brillbird Gel Polish) £45 45 mins
Spa Pedicure add-on to any pedicure service (foot file, scrub, soak, mask) £15 15 mins
Pedicure for Gents (shape, cuticle treatment, foot file, cuticle oil) £40 45 mins
Spa Pedicure add-on (foot file, scrub, soak, mask) £15 20 mins



French finish (manicure of pedicure) from £5
Special effects from £1 per nail
Simple nail art from £3 per nail
More complicated bespoke designs from £5 per nail



Professionally Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions - size S, M
(For long and extra long, a small surcharge may apply)
£60 70 mins
Professionally Sculpted BIAB Gel Nail Extensions - size S, M
(For long and extra long, a small surcharge may apply)
£70 70 mins




Gel Infill & Overlay – one colour £50 60 mins
BIAB Gel Infill & Overlay - one colour £60 60 mins
Removal of Gel, Shellac or Acrylic Extensions from £20 30 mins
Gel / Shellac removal - when we remove our shellac and redo £5 10 mins
Gel / Shellac removal only - when we remove our shellac. Not including shape & cuticles £10 10 mins
Gel / Shellac removal only - when we remove someone else's work. Not including shape & cuticles from £10 10 mins +
Shaping & Cuticle tidy up (add-on) from £5 5 mins




OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthening Manicure with 15ml home care nail strengthener £41 20 mins
OPI Gel Break Treatment £23 25 mins
Paraffin wax stand-alone treatment for hands £15 20 mins
Paraffin wax treatment as an add-on to a manicure £10 20 mins

Japanese Nail Art Services with Maho

Japanese Gel Nails


Japanese Gel Manicure £55 60 mins
Japanese Hard Gel Overlay on natural nails - price from £80 105 mins
Japanese Gel Pedicure £65 60 mins
Japanese Sawayaka Spa Pedicure add-on (foot file, scrub, soak, mask) £30 30 mins
Japanese Gel Removal - when booked with a Japanese Nail Service - Price from £15 20 mins
Japanese Gel Removal - removal only, no reapplication £25 20 mins
Hard Gel / Acrylic Removal £25 30 mins

Japanese Nail Extensions


Japanese Nail Extensions with Kokoist Gelip Tips
Extension + One colour finish - price from £100 120 mins
Infill + One colour finish - price from £90 105 mins


Japanese Nail Art with Maho (add-on)


Stickers - price from, per nail £1 10 mins
Swarovski crystals - price from, per nail £1 10 mins
Foil - price from, per nail £3 10 mins
Ink art - price from, per nail £3 10 mins
Matte finish £5 10 mins
Chrome finish £20 15 mins
French nails £20 15 mins
Magnetic finish (Cat Eye) £20 15 mins
Ombre finish £20 15 mins

Add-on Nail Treatments with Maho

Callus Removal £10 15 mins
Hard coat finish £10 10 mins
Foot massage £15 10 mins
Hand massage £15 10 mins
Aroma Paraffin Wax Treatment - Feet £15 15 mins
Aroma Paraffin Wax Treatment - Hands £15 15 mins

Nail Repair services


Japanese Gel Nail Repair per nail - price from £5 10 mins
Japanese Gel Nail Extension repair per nail - price from £7 10 mins


See what clients say

Brilliant pedicure with Melania. Meticulous attention to detail. I’m really pleased with the results and will be back. Thank you.



First time receiving a manicure service and I absolutely love how my nails turned out! Melania is very attentive towards the details in nail art which gave it a clean polish look in the end! She is also really friendly and took really great care of me!



Lovely manicure at this salon! Caring and friendly the treatment was quick and really pleased with the results! 🙂



Check out Melania’s nail portfolio