Not sure what to give as a present?

We’ve got you covered with this gift cards selection!

Ladies’ gift card

Men’s gift cards

£20 or £50 gift cards

Purchase a thoughtful gift card without having to leave your home, and enjoy a bit of pampering by Figaro London’s professional hair & beauty team.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this FORM
  2. Give us a call to pay (here’s our number: 020 7253 7057)
  3. Done! We’ll take care of the rest 💚

You don’t have a clue about what to choose? You can have a look at our service menu here. But, if you still don’t know what to give as a present, don’t worry. Just fill in the form and in our phone call later we’ll happily help you out. Trust us, we’ve got some experience on our hand as to what ladies and gents like and dislike.

PS: The details you share with us will be treated with strict confidentiality and won’t be passed over to any third parties.