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I recently went for a deep tissue massage and it was absolutely wonderful! Chom was amazing. She really listened to and addressed the pains I was having and I felt 10x better afterwards – both physically and mentally.


A touch of Thailand

Experience a touch of Thailand by a true professional in the field of massage. Chom is a proud member of a Thai family of highly skilled massage therapists, with her mother and aunties leading the way as highly respected professionals in the field. Chom continues this legacy by providing a unique and holistic approach to massage therapy that not only helps muscles to relax but also heals and reduces pain – in the long run.

“This was a fantastic but also a bit painful because I was full of knots that needed to be removed.”

Choose what’s right for you, or consult with Chom and allow her to select for you from Thai massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Foot & Reflexology Massage, Thai & Swedish Combination Massage, as well as Back, Neck and Shoulder massage.


Relax, Heal & Recover over the weekend

Imagine your aches and pains, literally melting away. That’s what you should expect when booking with Chom. Nothing less. Exclusive availability on Saturday & Sunday, by appointment only, 10am-9pm.  

“I felt 10x better afterwards – both physically and mentally”

Chom gets to the root of the issue and alleviates tension, ensuring that the relief you feel lasts long after you leave the massage studio.

Chom’s got your back (and your feet, head, and shoulders too)!

Life can be tough, especially for those in demanding professions like office workers, nurses, construction workers, postmen and women, carers, mothers after pregnancy, athletes, and sportspeople. Allow Chom to alleviate your pains and aches.


Professional Certifications & Membership

Chom is a professional member of the Complementary Therapists Association that vets and certifies the most professional therapists who are passionate about the amazing results complementary therapies such as massage can achieve. Should go without saying, but still: she’s fully insured, and has the highest level of qualifications in place.

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