Why can waxing be better than shaving for you? Here you’ll find all the top benefits of waxing

Waxing and shaving are the most popular methods of hair removal. Shaving is convenient and easy. You can shave as often as you like, you can shave anywhere (at home or at a hotel), and shaving razors are cheap. Stubbles however start to appear the day after.

On the other hand, there are benefits of waxing: it can last up to 2 weeks and leaves your skin feeling soft. And there’s more…

Here are six specific reasons why we recommend to consider waxing as your primary hair removal method.

1. Smoother skin

Getting to the root of it … Waxing removes hair by the root, while shaving takes off unwanted hair from the surface only. After waxing, it takes about 2 weeks for hair to reappear again on the surface of the skin. That means, 2 weeks of wonderful smoothness, unlike shaving that might leave your skin spiky to touch even just a few days after shaving.


2. Exfoliation

Waxing is a powerful exfoliator that helps to get rid of dead skin cell from the surface, leaving your skin soft and smooth.


3. No more itching

Itchiness is a common problem after shaving areas like legs, underarms and the intim zone. With waxing, you can say good bye to the annoying itchiness if your beauty therapist uses high-quality, nourishing waxes that prevent ingrown hairs.


4. You are less likely to have ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs can produce inflammation of hair follicles. This commonly occurs in shaved skin, especially those with tightly curling hair. Why? When you use a razor, the end of the hair that is cut will be blunt which can easily become trapped under the skin, leading to painful infections.
Waxing however, removes the entire hair shaft all the way down to the root. The new hair that starts to grow from the follicle is soft and thin, tapered at the end, meaning that it’s less common that it would get trapped under the skin.


5. Hair grows back thinner

A big advantage of waxing is that hair comes back thinner and lighter than it does with shaving. If you continue with waxing for long enough, you will eventually have barely noticeable hair in areas that have been waxed. Using a razor can give the appearance of thicker hair, due to the blunt ends of the hair.


6. Waxing lasts longer

Up to two weeks smooth, soft skin – guaranteed if you opt for waxing. When hair is removed by the root, it takes much longer for it to grow back than when you shave. Plus, when you shave on a daily basis to keep your skin smooth, shaving can cause irritation which is certainly another unwanted side effect of shaving.


In conclusion, while shaving can save you when all of a sudden you need to attend a party or any other kind of special event, after reading about the benefits of waxing you can see why waxing is highly recommend over other hair removal options.

Shaving might be the easiest way out, but it’s certainly not the best!



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