What is acne?

Acne is one of the most widespread skin concerns. It occurs when your pores are blocked by oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt; then develops into a pimple or blemish.

 Pimples and blemishes are highly prevalent and are much more likely to occur; however, if you notice a recurring pattern of pimples appearing frequently, especially several at once, this is a skin condition recognised as acne.

 Fortunately, acne does not endanger one’s overall health; however, it can be distressing towards the skin and leave long-lasting scarring, as well as cause mental anguish and undermine one’s self-confidence, which may cause one to express the feeling of anxiety and depression.

Solution for acne skin

 Acne is also very treatable so rest assured. A professional treatment, such as the one we offer here, is one way to treat and prevent acne.

Meet Luwam, a highly skilled skin therapist and facialist, who is here to help you with a specialist service to treat your acne as well as give you a relaxing and therapeutic experience simultaneously.

Pro Acne: Specialist Cleansing Facial for Acne Skin is the treatment you are after should you wish to book.

It’s a deep cleansing facial to purify acne skin, removing impurities, debris and oil. This facial treatment helps to decongest your pores, reduce acne inflammation and prevent future breakouts. How?

A man embracing acne with a sunflower

The ozone steam opens up the pores while at the same time desinfects. Cleansing of your pores is performed very carefully, to avoid causing further inflammation by just pressing your skin. The soothing mask is developed specifically for acne skin to close the pores and sooth the inflammation. LED blue light therapy works wonders on acne skin. And the finishing serum regulates oil and sebum production.

The facial is suitable for oily, acne- and blemish-prone skin.

A facial treatment won’t solve your acne issues right away. It’s a regime that you stick to that will deliver the long-term solution and bring you closer to your dream skin.

Follow this link to book. Or if you’d like to consult with Luwam, why not reserve a consultation appointment with her?




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