Turn your nails into another exquisite statement piece in your outfit with glitz and sparkle. Take a step back from the wave of minimalism and convey the depth of your creativity with Japanese nail art. Right at your fingertips. Here in London!

Japanese nail art is one of the latest trends that has taken the beauty industry by storm. With its intricate designs, eye-catching details, and attention to detail, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming increasingly popular among women who love to make a statement with their nails. Japanese gel nails, in particular, are renowned for their high quality and long-lasting finish, making them an excellent investment for anyone who wants to add a touch of glamour to their nails.

Whether you’re looking for a classic French manicure with a twist, or an elaborate and intricate design that’s completely unique, Japanese nail art offers something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Japanese gel nails, and give you some tips and tricks for achieving the perfect Japanese nail art look.

Japanese Gel Nails

Japanese gel nails are a type of gel polish that just like any other gel is applied to the natural nails and then cured using a UV lamp, creating a hard and durable layer that lasts for several weeks. The gel used in Japanese gel nails is directly imported from Japan and is a lot more expensive than other well-known gel polish brands. But boy – the quality is truly outstanding.

Japanese nail art technicians, such as Maho, are experts in using these high-quality gels to create intricate and beautiful designs that are unlike anything else. Whether you’re looking for a classic French manicure, or a more elaborate and unique design, Maho will work with you to create a look that is tailored to your individual style and preferences.

Japanese Gel Nail Extensions – Proudly Expensive. Unapologetically Exquisite

Gel Nail Extensions in Japanese style are again something truly outstanding. Maho uses gel tips (yes, you read that right, tips made of high-quality, flexible gel – no plastics involved here!). These are ultra comfortable and give plenty of room for a beautiful artistic finish – should that be something you desire of course.

Expect the prices of there Japanese Gel Nail Extensions to be as high as the quality of her work — but still reasonable by London’s Japanese nail salon standards.

Shimmery Rose Gold Chrome Gel Nail Extensions

Let’s take a close look at of one of Maho’s recent works for a bit of inspiration.

One of Maho’s most popular designs is the shimmery rose gold chrome gel nail extension. This futuristic chrome nail extension features a metallic and mirrored finish that is truly eye-catching. The baby pink base is turned into shimmery rose gold, and the French-style jewels are hand-made and painted, adding an extra touch of glamour.

Glamorous Chrome Nail Art

Turn your Gel Nail Extensions into a work of art

With Japanese nail art, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for something simple and understated, or something bold and extravagant, Maho can help you achieve the look you want. From metallic chrome to intricate floral designs, the attention to detail and quality of the work is unmatched.

Whether you’re a fashionista looking for the latest trend, or a busy professional looking for a way to add some glamour to your look, Japanese nail art is something you want to keep in mind. With its high-quality materials, long-lasting finish, and stunning designs, it’s the ultimate way to make a statement with your nails.

Would you like to discover more about Maho and Japanese nail art? Check out some of her other works here.


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