We can lose between 50 to 100 hairs every day on average, and up to 200 if you have thick or long hair. Losing some hair is natural and should not be seen as a cause for concern. Nevertheless, it is intolerable to constantly capture clumps of hair when you run your fingers across it or see an unusual amount of hair fall in the drain every time you wash it.

Hair shedding is commonly experienced among most individuals and is an inevitable custom to our hair cycle, so you should not panic. However, if you notice that you are shredding more than usual, there are a few remedies that you can implement in your routine to reduce the amount of hair you lose.


Most of our troubles are brought on by stress, which is also a primary factor in hair shedding. However, rest assured, depending on how well you manage your stress, hair shedding is often temporary. When faced with a difficult circumstance, remember to look after your mental health and treat your stress properly.
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Change your shampoo

Shampoos serve as cleansing agents for your hair. Aiding in the removal of any accumulated oil and debris from the fibres and scalp. However, many of the shampoos from your local drugstore contain harsh ingredients such as sulphates and formaldehyde, which contribute to hair shedding.

The next time you are purchasing shampoo, be sure to do your research and avoid these ingredients.

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Avoid tight hairstyles

Anyone who habitually sports a tight hairdo is susceptible to hair shedding. Instead, let your hair down and choose a different hairdo that won’t make your scalp tense. If you must adhere to a certain hairstyle for work, make sure to use your downtime to let your hair loose.
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Contribute essential oils to your hair care routine

Essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and tea tree, have been shown in multiple studies to help reduce hair shedding. Massage it into the roots of your hair, and wait at least three hours before washing it out. Do this 1-2 times a week.
Essential hair oils for weekly hair care

Enhance your diet with rich nutrients

Just like our body needs adequate nourishment to maintain itself and operate, so does our hair. Nutrient deficiencies are a key factor in hair loss but may be treated by including them in your diet. Iron, zinc, biotic, vitamin C and vitamin D are some of these essential minerals.

Some foods that are rich in these essential nutrients: Oranges, tomatoes, peppers, chia seeds and fatty fish.

Healthy foods, greens, fruits

Avoid heat styling

Daily heat styling contributes to the damage to the hair structure, leaving it brittle and prone to breaking off and shedding. Take a break from heat tools and experiment with other ways to style your hair. However, you do not need to stop using heat styling altogether, just not as frequently. Make sure to use moderate to low heat settings, prevent direct heat to the roots, and use a heat protectant before style.
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Hair shedding is common and is normal for the growth of healthy hair. It may also be significantly decreased by including these six methods in your everyday practice. However, if you continue to see more hair falling out, you may be experiencing some degree of hair loss and should consult a specialist.






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