Hair is a natural fiber, one of the best to work with because of its incredible properties. It can carry weight, transport liquids and it functions as a strong protector of the skin. Without our hair we would exist with approximately 5 million less muscles. We’d also have trouble regulating body temperature. Let’s have a look at two interesting aspects of hair that determine length of a salon service and also the product choice of your hairdresser: density and texture.

Hair density is the amount of hair strands per square inch on the scalp. The density of a client’s hair will determine the amount of product necessary for your hairdresser to use. This has nothing to do with the hair’s texture.

Hair density

Hair density


Hair texture refers to the degree of thickness of each actual hair strand. It is categorized as coarse, medium and fine. Texture is determined by taking one hair from the crown. If it feels like a thread, it’s coarse. If it feels like it’s only slightly there, it’s medium, and if you can barely feel it, it’s fine.

Hair texture

Hair texture


< 0,06mm
This texture is the most fragile. It is the smallest hair and can require special care.
Fine hair can absorb product more quickly and your hairdresser may need to adjust their product selections and timing accordingly.



: 0,07mm
This is the most common texture. It generally doesn’t present any special problems during chemical services.
Most manufactures base processing times on medium textured hair.



> 0,08mm
This hair has the largest diameter. The cuticle layers are more numerous and overlap, decreasing its ability to absorb moisture. Coarse hair can require stronger product or longer processing time to allow proper product penetration.

Density and texture are two elements that often get confused. For instance, someone may have thin density but coarse hair.

Did you know?

A common misperception is that cutting hair actually makes it thicker. It doesn’t. The growing zone of hair doesn’t exchange information with the ends of hair to signal increased thickness.

What sort of hair have you got?

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Remember: you hair is a crown you never take off. Look after it, care for it, protect it.


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Source of content and images: Goldwell’s educational materials for hairdressers.

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