Even if the month of the Queen’s platinum jubilee is finished, the surprises certainly don’t end with the celebrations 💟

To keep with the royal theme, we wanted to go deeper into some of the spectacular hairstyles used in one of the most popular series of late: Bridgerton 😍


Well, we investigated the hidden meanings in some of the hairstyles created for the characters in the series, and …. 👀without further ado, here we go:


💋Queen Charlotte hairstyle

We can say that the queen’s life was often boring, but her wigs certainly made every day a party. The late Marc Pilcher, hair stylist and makeup artist for Bridgerton originally designed two wigs for the queen for the entire first season. Then he decided to give her a little more vitality and colour by changing the wigs for each outfit she wore.

All of the Queen’s wigs were spectacular and – did you know that one of them was inspired by Beyoncé? One, in particular, stood out from the others: 

the birdcage look 🐤. The locks are intended to represent the Duke of Hastings’ ethnic background, and the bows were an ode to Daphne. Two lovebirds, in a cage, yet torn apart, and in the end, fall in love with each other.

Wild, right?


💋Daphne Bridgerton hairstyle

When Pilcher started working with the actress, he saw what Audrey Hepburn looked like in the movie “War and Peace”: little curls and bangs, a bit like Daphne. And then he came up with the idea of ​​softening Daphne’s look and opening it up in later episodes to show her progress throughout the season.


💋Penelope Fetherington hairstyle

In the author’s book, she’s said to be about 15, so Pilcher wanted the character’s youth to be reflected in her hairstyle. Hence the curls. They even applied some tiny freckles as part of the makeup to make her look as youthful as possible so that she can progress through subsequent episodes of the series.


💋Eloise Bridgerton hairstyle

If you thought the shaggy haircut belonged only to the ’80s, think again. It was a fashion in the Regency era. 

Eloise is a tomboy and a free-thinking feminist, so they gave her something different.


💋Cressida Cowper hairstyle

Daphne’s nemesis just wants to outdo Bridgerton’s eldest daughter at every turn, and that includes her hairstyle. In the third episode of the Prince’s Ball, they gave her a hairstyle that looked like a crown. To achieve this effect, Pilcher braided the hair with wire on the inside of the hair so that the hairstylist could shape the wig.


💋Lord Anthony Bridgerton hairstyle

Of all the male actors in Bridgerton, he looks the least like his real-life character. They opted for a messy blow-dried hairstyle with sea salt spray for him. The sideburns, on the other hand, are completely fake. 

Best of all, when you watch the show, you can’t tell the difference between a fake and a real one.



Did you notice all these details? No? Well then, you just go and watch the show again 😉




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