Getting your hair coloured is an exciting process, but it can also be a daunting one. Whether you’re looking to try out a new colour or simply refresh your current one, there are many things to consider before you sit down in the stylist’s chair. One of the most important aspects is the consultation with your hair colourist, where they will ask you a series of questions about your hair, lifestyle, and desired outcome. But why do they need to know all this information? In this blog, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at why hair colourists ask so many questions and why it’s important to be honest with them.


Behind the Scenes: Why Hair Colourists Ask So Many Questions before a hair colour appointment


First and foremost, hair colourists ask questions to ensure that they choose the right colour and technique for your hair. They need to know about your hair’s natural colour, texture, and condition, as well as any previous colour treatments you’ve had. This information helps them to determine what products and techniques will work best for your hair type and how to achieve your desired result. For example, if you have naturally dark hair but want to go blonde, your colourist may need to use a different technique than if you have naturally lighter hair. Similarly, if you have previously coloured your hair, your colourist needs to know what products were used so that they can avoid any potential damage or unexpected colour results.


The Hidden Dangers of Hiding Your Previous Hair Colour Treatments


Imagine a house with a beautiful exterior paint job. The walls are a deep, rich colour that catches the eye and gives the house a polished, finished look. However, underneath that paint job, the house’s structure may be compromised or damaged. Perhaps there’s dry rot in the walls or a leaky roof that’s causing water damage. The exterior paint job may look perfect, but it’s hiding the true state of the house’s foundation.

In a similar way, when a client comes in for a colour appointment, the colourist may see a beautifully even, rich shade covering the entire head of hair. However, they don’t know what’s underneath that colour until they ask the right questions. For example, if the client has previously bleached or highlighted their hair and later down the line they decided to cover it with a full head colour, the hair’s structure underneath is very different to chemically untreated hair. If the colourist doesn’t know about this previous treatment, they may choose a technique or product that could damage the hair.


Case study for a hairdresser

Going from dark to light, step by step


This is why it’s essential for clients to be honest with their colourist about any previous colour treatments or DIY attempts, even if those attempts have been covered up by a darker colour. It’s like the foundation of a house – the colourist needs to know what’s underneath the surface to ensure that they choose the right products and techniques to achieve the desired result without causing further damage.

In some cases, a colourist may need to do a strand test to see how the hair will react to the new colour. This test involves taking a small section of hair and applying the new colour or bleach to it to see how the hair responds. This allows the colourist to see if the hair can handle the new treatment or if it needs extra care or protection during the colour process.

So, just as a house’s foundation is critical to the integrity of the structure, a client’s previous colour treatments are essential to the integrity of their hair. The exterior may look polished and perfect, but the colourist needs to know what’s underneath the surface to ensure that they choose the right products and techniques for the hair’s health and the desired outcome. So don’t be afraid to be honest with your colourist about any previous treatments, even if they’re covered up by a darker colour – it will only help them to give you the best possible result.


Why Your Hair Colourist Wants to Know Your Lifestyle and Maintenance Habits: The Key to Long-Lasting, Healthy Colour


Another reason why hair colourists ask questions is to get a sense of your lifestyle and maintenance habits. For example, they may ask how often you wash your hair, whether you swim regularly, or if you use any styling products. This information helps them to recommend products and techniques that will work well for your lifestyle and ensure that your colour lasts as long as possible. They may also suggest certain products or treatments to help keep your hair healthy and vibrant.


Honesty is the best policy – even in Hair Colour Consultations


Unfortunately, clients sometimes may try to hide information from their hair colourist because they don’t want to embarrass themselves. For example, they may not want to admit that they bleached or coloured their hair at home, as they fear it will make them look inexperienced or unprofessional. However, it’s essential to be honest with your colourist about any previous treatments or DIY attempts, as this information can significantly impact the outcome of your colour appointment. If your hair has been previously bleached or coloured, it may be more prone to damage or unexpected colour results, which your colourist needs to know so they can adjust their technique accordingly.

Just like a doctor needs to know your complete medical history to make the best treatment plan for you, your hair colourist needs to know your hair’s complete history to make the best colour plan for you. We understand that sometimes things happen and people try DIY hair colour or choose the wrong hairdresser to do the job for them. But there’s no need to be embarrassed about it – we’ve all been there!

In fact, we admire clients who are brave enough to try new things with their hair. But by sharing your hair’s complete history with us, we can create the right plan to achieve the hair colour of your dreams without any unexpected surprises.

So don’t be afraid to share your hair’s journey with us. Our promise: We won’t judge you for your hair’s past. We’re just here to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your hair’s future.

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