Goldwell Elumen is a hair colouring system that is different from traditional hair dyes. Elumen is a high-performance, oxidative-free hair colour that is free from ammonia, peroxide, alkali and PPD. The technology used in Elumen is based on a unique combination of dyes that penetrate deeply into the hair fibre and deposit long-lasting colour without damaging the hair. The result is a shiny, vibrant and long-lasting hair colour that lasts for up to 30 washes.


What is Goldwell Elumen Hair Colour and Why is it Different?


What makes Elumen different from traditional hair dyes is the way it works. Rather than simply staining the hair, Elumen penetrates deep into the hair fibre, bonding with the hair’s keratin structure to create a permanent colour result. This means that Elumen does not wash out or fade easily, making it a great option for people who want long-lasting hair colour that requires minimal maintenance.


Why is there No Patch Test Needed Prior to an Elumen Colouring Appointment?


One of the biggest advantages of Elumen hair colour is that there is no patch test required prior to an appointment. This is because Elumen is free from ammonia, peroxide and PPD, which are the main ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Because Elumen is a non-oxidative hair colour, there is no risk of allergic reactions or scalp irritation.

This is great news for people who have sensitive skin or allergies, as they can still enjoy the benefits of beautiful hair colour without the risk of allergic reactions. It also means that you can get your hair coloured quickly and easily without having to wait for a patch test result. (Still, if you have a history of severe allergic reactions or sensitivities, or it would just simply reassure you to have a patch test, we’re more than happy to do it!)


A Case Study: How Pink Elumen Refreshed a Bleached and Chemically Treated Hair

This client had already bleached and chemically treated hair that had become dull and lifeless. She wanted to add some vibrancy to her hair without causing any damage. Hair colourist Larissa recommended Goldwell Elumen to refresh her look.

The results were stunning. The pink Elumen colour gave her hair a vibrant, shiny look without causing any additional damage. The client was thrilled with the results and loved the fact that the colour lasted for several weeks.


Before Goldwell Elumen Hair Colouring


After Goldwell Elumen Pink Hair Colouring session with Larissa



Another Case Study: From Caramel Brown and Bleached Blonde to Fiery Red, Brown, Copper and Orange Combination

This client wanted a complete hair transformation. She had chemically treated caramel brown and bleached blonde hair and wanted to change it to a fiery red, brown, copper and orange fusion colour. The client wanted Elumen because she had that colour a few years back and thought her hair reacted really well to it and kept it for a long time. Hair colourist Larissa recommended using Goldwell Elumen in a combination of shades.

The results were amazing. The Elumen colours created a bold and vibrant look that perfectly matched the client’s vision.


Before Goldwell Elumen Hair Colouring: Chemically treated, Bleached Hair with Highlights as a base


After Goldwell Elumen Hair Colouring with Larissa


Why Choose Goldwell Elumen Hair Colour?

Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxidative-free hair colour that is perfect for people who want long-lasting and vibrant hair colour without damaging their hair. Elumen is different from traditional hair dyes in the way it works and the fact that there is no patch test required prior to an appointment.

If you’re looking for a hair colour that lasts for several weeks and gives you a shiny, vibrant look, then Goldwell Elumen is definitely worth considering. Whether you want to refresh your existing colour or go for a bold and vibrant new look, Elumen is a great choice that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Talk to our hair colourists online to find out whether this is indeed the next step to your dream hair colour.


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