So… Spring? The perfect time to make some changes in our lives. New season, new look, would you agree? What about some hair colouring ideas to spice your spring up?

We are (finger crossed) finally getting out of lockdown, and salons are set to reopen, hallelujah! Why not begin to think about that new hairstyle you’ve been longing for? 

One of the 2020 trends was home dye. Some out of boredom. And some out of necessity. Changing hair colour was a great way to breathe new life into your hair. Agreed. Now … After a couple of months, the need for a refresh is there, isn’t it? 
Is your lockdown root regrowth way too visible? We got you! Figaro London wants to be first in line to take care of you and give you a piece of advice. 

If you are still unsure about what to do, and you need some inspiration, this article is for you. 

Everyone knows that there is a great variety of hair colouring techniques. Which of those is the perfect fit for you? What are you looking for? A lot of questions and a lot of doubts. Here we have some ideas to suit your needs and wishes! 😉


This is THE trend of 2021. If you want to be the fanciest in the room, this is the perfect match for you. It’s about “smudging” your hair colour. Soft and natural. Overgrown roots? This one is a transitional style, no need to worry. 😉

hair colouring ideas shadow roots


It’s a hair colour technique that looks great on all hair textures. That’s why it’s so trendy, maybe it’s also because of the pretty-sounding French term. It comes from “balayer” and it means to sweep. Why not sweep what you don’t like about your hair and get those sun-kissed highlights out for the spring? You never go wrong with this one, let us tell you that. What more could you wish for? Visually pleasing and so unique from client to client. Get that natural finish ladies and gents, you won’t regret it!

hair colouring ideas balayage


This one works wonderfully on all textures too. It is a slightly stronger hair colour compared to the balayage technique. Your root hair colour gradually will fade into a much lighter one. The definition of “elegant look”.

hair colouring ideas ombre


This one seems never to go out of style. It’s always IN. It adds depth to your hair and accentuates or slims down facial features. Not bad, right? No wonder it is one of our clients’ favourite.

hair colour highlights wella


Want to stay on that natural brunette hue? Want to look like Lily Collins in Emily in Paris? This is perfect for you. It blends brunette shades beautifully. Your natural hair colour will look so much more vibrant and healthy than before. 

hair colouring ideas Parisian brunette


It’s a combination of blonde and brown. It’s very popular now because it looks so natural and fancy – at the same time. A hair statement that says “I tried, but not so hard because I’m already beautiful”. So true, with this colour even on your bad hair days, you will still look splendid.

hair colouring idea bronde

These are just some hair colouring ideas and if you are still unsure about anything really, feel free to get in touch! We give everyone a free colour consultation, treatment plan and estimate price quote. We will share all the information you need to decide whether we are the right hair salon for you. Always happy to help!  


Remember to treat your hair always with care. Every once in a while put on a mask to nourish it, because your everyday conditioner is just not enough. This will prepare your hair for the next chemical treatment whenever it’s your time to visit your hairdresser.

That’s all this time. We hope you found this useful. 


Take care.



Figaro London 💚



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