It comes from the French word ‘ombre’ meaning “shadow” or “shade” and became popular around 2010. Ombre remains one of the hottest hair colour trends today and is indeed a popular choice by our customers. With endless colour options and variations, it’s your choice to go soft or bold, colourful or natural.

To create this natural sun-kissed look, Abby started with extra long hair, yellow blond towards the ends, with orangey tones, and natural brown near the scalp. The challenging bit was to create an even, smooth look to blend in the blonds with the browns without a too harsh contrast between the two areas.

The end result is a very natural looking, completely smooth and even sun-kissed look from roots all the way to the ends.


An ombre is a great way to rock a low maintenance look that doesn’t sacrifice style. There’s no need for frequent colour appointments to keep the look fresh and nice. You can let it grow as much as you like, it will still maintain style.

Life is art, live yours in colour.


Figaro London

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