“Many of my clients struggle with unruly, frizzy hair, which keeps them from loving it. Now I can help every woman fall in love with the smooth touch of her hair.” 

Lisa Whiteman

Goldwell international artist

Lisa Whiteman, Goldwell International Artist, has found the perfect solution for frizzy hair and here at Figaro London Hair & Beauty, we decided to offer this hair smoothing service that can help you tame your unruly hair. Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment

The product is absolutely amazing. We’ve been doing these treatments and using Goldwell’s Kerasilk product range for several years. The feedback we receive from clients is consistently 5-star.

If you are asking yourself what this treatment consists of and what the ingredients are that make the miracle happen, make sure to read this article. By checking this blog post you will find the answer to your questions and discover all the benefits of this product. 

But, what is the process that we follow here at Figaro London to make sure that the Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment will help you win back the smooth touch that you are looking for? Goldwell’s Kerasilk Treatment is a 5-step, meticulous process your hairdresser will take you through. Read on to discover the key to the “love at first touch” feeling that Lisa Whiteman is talking about!

Kerasilk Treatment Step 1: CONSULTATION

Do you know what the first thing is that a hairdresser does to find the perfect fit for the client? They analyse their hair! That’s exactly what we do at Figaro London Hair & Beauty. We understand your hair type, and we explain to you how the Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment can give you that bright, shiny hair look that you are seeking after every wash. 

Consultation - Goldwell

Do you want to know if this treatment is exactly what you need, what your hair needs? Make sure to contact us on Facebook or Whatsapp for a free online consultation! ✨

We will analyse your hair, illustrate to you all the steps that we follow to revitalise them and show you pictures of the expected results. It’s completely free, so what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose!

Kerasilk Treatment Step 2: PREPARATION

Okay, you now see that before making any move, we analyse your hair and illustrate every step of the process but, what comes next? We want to explain to you in detail what are Kerasilk treatment steps that our hair professionals follow to let you show off that perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of. 

1️⃣ We wash your hair with the Kerasilk Control purifying shampoo and massage gently your scalp.

2️⃣ We rough blow dry your hair with a brush. Your hair needs to be 80% dry to move on to the next step.

3️⃣ We choose the right combination of products (shape and smooth) that your hair requires. In fact, short, medium and long hair ask for a different combination and, measuring the right quantities, is key for a perfect result!

kerasilk treatment step 3: application

Once your hair is washed and dry, we divide it into sections and we start to apply the product to small strands from roots to lengths. Now, we let the treatment work its magic. 15 mins is the perfect time for the product to nourish your hair.  

We then blow dry your hair using medium heat. This time, your hair needs to be 100% dry because the step after is crucial for the process! 

Can you guess what comes next? We use a flat iron and depending on your desired result, we pass it around 6 times on each strand. The heat will activate the product ingredients that will smooth and de-frizz your hair.

Application1 - Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment
Application - Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment

kerasilk treatment step 4: Post-care and styling 

We are getting closer to the big reveal but, we still have a few more steps to complete the treatment. Our hairdresser will rinse and wash your hair again using the Kerasilk Control shampoo. Then, they’ll apply the Kerasilk control finishing cream serum. It’s a leave-in serum that seals in the result! Ready to see the outcome? You will tell us what styling you prefer and we will complete the process to make your hair bright and shiny.

Post-care - Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment

kerasilk treatment step 5: Maintenance 

Now, it’s your turn! We’ll tell you what you’ll have to do at home and, believe us when we say this. You’ll be amazed to see that with just a few tricks, your hair will look stunning! 

And you know what will leave you speechless? The “smooth sensation” will last from three to five months. How cool is that? One treatment. An incredible number of benefits!

Interested? Book your appointment to win back your hair’s control, we will be happy to show you how the Kerasilk Control Keratin treatment can transform your unmanageable and frizzy hair! 

In the meantime, make sure to stay safe and positive.💚

We are working hard for the big reopening, and we can’t wait to welcome you (again) to our salon!  


Figaro London 

Source:  www.goldwell.co.uk

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