A wonderful array of colours in this balayage composition. The hues are expertly mixed together to create a chic, creamy colour that’s neither too warm nor too cold.

The result is a complex, dynamic, multidimensional hairstyle that’s full of movement:

Excited to try this colour out? Talk to our hair colourists! Bea, Thomas and Renan will be happy to advise you on how we can achieve the most suitable hairstyle for you.

Book a free, no obligation consultation and find out what we can do for you. We’ll talk you through all the options, give you a price quote and also tell you how long the process will take, so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s the right direction for you. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll do a patch test for you and book the appointment 48 hours afterwards.

Don’t have time to pop in for a consultation? We can still advise you online! Just follow these 3 simple steps for a price quote:

  1. Send us a picture of your current hair in natural light conditions. Send it as a private message on our Facebook page “Figaro London Uk”.
  2. Send us a picture from Pinterest or Google on what you’d like to achieve.
  3. Our hair colourists will then take a look and can give you a good estimate in terms of time needed and price to be expected.

Hope this helps. How do you think about cappuccino balayage? Like it?


Figaro London

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