We are proud to introduce to you our hairdresser Alvaro’s hair portfolio.

Think of the best cocktail bartender: it’s pure joy to watch them doing their job – and then their creation is to dye for. That’s Alvaro when it comes to hairdressing: you’ll really enjoy watching him working, and you’ll guaranteed be more than pleased with the hairstyle he’ll create for you.

Alvaro is one of Figaro London’s newest ladies’ and gent’s hairdressers and barbers. He is an educator, his forte is precision men’s haircuts, and he is also an expert at cutting and styling short hair for ladies.

Check out his portfolio here:

Alvaro is very attentive when it comes to your time, so if you have only a short time in your lunch break, do come and see him, he’ll still do a perfect job for you.

Ladies and gents, start booking!


Figaro London


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