What’s more painful than waxing in the beauty world? Answer: waxing after months of shaving. And the reality is that because of the pandemic, this is the reality for many of us. We just wish there were a way to make this treatment completely pain-free. But don’t worry, we’re here to your rescue!

Restrictions are easing, and beauty and hair salons are open again! Finally, we can get that haircut we’ve been dreaming of for months or get those eyebrows fixed. 

But, what about waxing? How are beauty salons dealing with these close-contact services? How is Figaro London dealing with an altogether more intimate beauty treatment like waxing?

Well, we doubled down on hygiene: hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. 

Of course, our beauticians have their own room in the salon. They clean their stations during and after each treatment. And then, our ventilation and sanitation systems have been further improved.  

On our COVID-19 Update page, you can find everything we are doing in the salon to ensure your safety. Check it out if you are interested in the measures we are taking.

So … Waxing … A real nuisance, isn’t it? Are you wondering about what you could do to make it quicker and less painful? Figaro London got your back!

During lockdown, you probably shaved or let the hair grow. And now it’s a hassle, and you feel it’s best to go to a salon to get this one done!

Here a few tips before your FIRST POST-LOCKDOWN WAXING appointment:

1️⃣ Please, do not shave anything!

2️⃣ Make sure to trim your hair. The ideal length should be around 1-2 cm.

3️⃣ Have a warm bath and exfoliate the night before to prep your skin.

4️⃣ Say a prayer before going to bed and we’ll do our utmost best to make sure that your first appointment after lockdown won’t be painful …

And that’s all! Thank you so much for reading and make sure to book your appointment here if you feel like it. 😉

To learn more about before/after waxing tips you can read this article.

Have a nice day/night!



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