Professional Hairdresser, Master Hair Colourist

Abby is full of ambition and passion to become the best she can possibly be and give the best she can possibly give. She believes in the power of understanding and helping people. As she puts it, ‘when someone wants a haircut or a colour change, there are always psychological reasons behind that decision, and I need to understand that before going for it so I can create something they’ll certainly be happy with’. Her creativity is combined with true perfectionism. A real team player, Abby is an outgoing but at the same time also humble person and a great teacher too who loves helping and sharing.


I qualified as a professional hairdresser in 2010. Ever since then, I’ve attended countless academies and courses with Wella and L’Oreal, including Master Colour Academy, styling trends, key of colouring, cutting techniques etc. The more I learn, the more I realise how much more there is to learn, so I’m a professional development junkie – whenever there’s a new training programme or competition out there, I’m in.


As far as I remember, it’s never been a question for me what I should do when I grew up – I always wanted to be a hairdresser. First, I used to do dolls’ hair, then my mum became my test bunny, and suddenly I found myself doing the hair of my school mates. Eventually, I started charging for it so I got some pocket money to go out and have fun … and ever since then, it’s been my life.


For me, attending the prestigious Wella Master Colour Academy and finishing it as national 2nd is something I’m super proud of. I poured my heart and soul into that academy to learn every trick of the trade, including theory and practice. I’ve also attended and won competitions in hair-up and braids which I love doing, it’s so creative.


I LOVE transforming the hair colour of my clients into something that doesn’t just match their expectations but exceeds them. I also love doing creative up-dos and braids. Practically, everything. Just show me a photo of your favourite style and I’ll create it.


I have loads, but for me it’s all about knowing how to use the product and make it work so we get the best out of it. Many times I find that there’s a great product but it’s not used appropriately and the magical effects disappear. I love discovering new stuff and finding different ways to use them. If you want to know what my favourite haircare brand is at the moment, I’d probably say L’Oreal. J


The more experience I have, the more I can see how much I don’t know. This makes me even more humble and respectful towards my profession and my colleagues. I have so much more to learn.” /Akos Bodi/

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