Professional Beauty Therapist

Edith is a skin care expert, and clients love her for her exceptional expertise in waxing and facials. She is lovely, bubbly, super friendly and a very kind person. She really walks the walk and talks the talk: she’s meticulous when it comes to explaining the benefits of each service step so you understand what’s happening and feel relaxed and calm. Her hands are truly magical.


I’m a qualified nurse, so helping people feel better is at the core of my being. Further educating myself to become a beauty therapist was a natural and logical next step for me, because I can now not only make people feel better but also look beautiful.

I have a never ending interest in all things health and beauty, and I’m fascinated about how the human body works.


I’ve been lucky to have worked with many stars and celebrities and call some of them my friends. I loved working on fashion shows backstage, but my favourite moments are when I treat problem skin of youngsters who’ve struggled for many years with blackheads and severe acne. It feels amazing to be able to give back their confidence and help them get rid of their insecurities, so they can go on an flourish in their lives.


My specialities include different sort of dermatological treatments for problem skin and laser therapy. I’m highly skilled in treating and creating a skin care regime for acne, oily and clogged skin and other types of problems.

With the help of electro-cosmetic treatments, I can effectively treat skin imperfections, especially scars, scabs, pigmentation disorders, acne, lines and wrinkles.


Body oils are essential in our beauty cupboard in London. The water here dryes out our skin and oils can help to seal in moisture and keep our skin hydrated.

I also love great quality make-up. For red lipstick, I always go with Chanel, and for mascara, I’d recommend Lancome.


There’s no time like the present. Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.

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