Professional Hairdresser

Balazs is an expert in ladies and gents haircuts, and does beautiful highlights, balayage and colour transformations  – his precision and attention to detail is remarkable. Balazs studied at some of Europe’s best hairdressing academies including Zsidro, he is ready to take the next step in his hairdressing career in London. Whenever he enters the salon, his energy and vibe lift us all up and get us thinking to keep doing more and more. Let’s do this, let’s improve that – that’s his mantra. He’s a morning lark which the night owls of the team appreciate a lot … Balazs is super creative, does precision work and his passion for hairdressing, training and further educating himself is a massive drive not just for himself but for the whole team.


2014 Hairdressing Academy Budapest


I’ve been into arts since childhood. Expressing myself creatively through art and creation always excited me and I feel very content when I say that I managed to find a passion that turned into a profession: being a hairdresser. I keep thinking how amazing it is that two hands and a few tools of the trade can create these beautiful lines that come together into an end result that we call a hairstyle. It’s magic – and I love being a magician.


Of course there are loads of great experiences that I cherish and that keep fueling me but I don’t want to highlight one as I think that career is a never ending story, especially when you love what you do. I just focus on keeping going, develop myself professionally to learn more, do more and enjoy the ride.


Haircuts and different cutting techniques, highlights and balayage. Creating beautiful precise lines and blending for a smooth and even finish. I always say that I do cuts in my head first: I keep thinking and coming up with great new ideas and techniques which excite me a lot.


Haircare products that not only protect the hair but also help to create a lasting but bouncy finish, such as Wella Eimi Thermal Image heat protection spray. It nourishes and protects at the same time.


“Do or do not, there’s no try.” /Yoda – Star Wars/

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