Professional Hairdresser And Hair Colourist

Bea is one of our newest team members, a fantastic ladies’ and gents’ hairdresser with an eye for detail and precision. She’s a very positive and kind person, her sense of humour, positive outlook on life and her funny laughter is contagious.

Her focus is on understanding her clients’ needs, wants and personality to create a superb hair style, whether they’re after a cut, colour, a beautiful up-do, braids or a smoothing kerasilk treatment. Bea is also very attentive when it comes to her clients’ time and availability – so if you need a great service but you’re short of time, she’s great at doing a professional service that suits your available time-frame.


2014 Hairdressing Academy, Rumania


My grandma was a hairdresser, so I’ve grown up in a hair salon. I’ve got my first memories at her salon at the ripe young age of 3, they loved having me around there. There are a lot of creative souls in my family: my great-grandpa was an artist, a painter and singer, my other grandma was an actress.

But I embarked on a different path when I started studying business and economics. I really enjoyed it, but this creative side of me found a way to combine my two passions: I opened a hairsalon business and worked there as a hairdresser back in Rumania.

However, I felt the need to open my mind and do more, see more. I found that I needed to leave home in order to be able to grow professionally and personally. That’s how I ended up in London, the ultimate place to be as a hairdresser.


I love being a hairdresser and I love the surprising side of it: You never know who walks in, it could be a famous person who also wants a professional service. I’ve worked on quite a few famous people and did their hair. For me seeing them on telly or social media is quite a thrill, knowing that I did their locks.


I love fixing hair gone wrong. Looking after client’s hair is my passion. I love restoring unwanted hair colour and hairstyles, I love treating damaged hair, split ends are my speciality. I also love doing precision cuts, and colour makeovers.


I love a good thickening and volumising spray as it works wonders on fine, limp hair. Goldwell has got some brilliant products in this range, they are my fave at the moment.


“One day, she finally grasped that unexpected things were always going to happen in life and with that, she realised the only control she had was how she choose to handle them. So she made the decision to survive using courage, humour and grace. She was the queen of her own life and the choice was hers.”

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