How many times do you hear the words “ECO-FRIENDLINESS” and  “SUSTAINABILITY” in your everyday life?

But, have you ever tried to understand what these words mean and what you can do to live a sustainable life? Here, at Figaro London Hair & Beauty, we think about this all the time!

We decided to be a sustainable beauty salon because sustainability is the key to our future, the future of humanity!


Why did we decide to become a sustainable salon? 

David Attenborough, director of the documentary called “Our Planet” started his flick saying:

“For the first time in human history, the stability of nature can no longer be taken for granted. […] But the natural world is resilient. And with our help, the planet can recover”

Some simple words that completely changed our perspective of seeing things in our Beauty Salon.

If we want our planet to change, the change needs to start from us, and we decided to start doing what we can to give the earth a breathing space. 

Now, you are probably asking yourself what are the things that we changed to become greener. Read the article and discover what are all the advantages of choosing us, Figaro London.

A big thank you will not come just from our beauty professionals but also the planet!

♻️ Energy efficiency

As a beauty salon, warm water and good lighting are essential to give our clients the best experience ever. But, what you probably don’t know, is that we decided to achieve this in an eco-friendly way. In fact, we made some awesome changes to look after both our clients and the planet, and we started using:

  • Energy-saving LED light bulbs that are efficient and planet-friendly, the best combo. 
  • Eco-shower heads that save both the water and your hair from damage using a unique filtration-system. Want to discover more about their advantages? Take a look at our “hair wash” article, you will find also amazing tips and tricks to improve your hair-washing routine. 
  • Timers, smart switches and an electric heater to control the heating and avoid storing warm water in boilers – an energy-consuming solution.

♻️ Ecotowels

As the company that created them likes to say, they are more absorbent, cheaper for the salon and better for the planet. They are biodegradable, free from chemicals and toxins, vegan friendly and certified. Do you really think that you could find something better than this? 

Swapping from cotton towels to eco towels gave us the chance to reduce our laundry, as we found a product that is completely compostable. This is a 100% sustainable solution

♻️ Cut out plastic

At Figaro London Hair & Beauty we use professional hair products that have two main characteristics: they have recyclable and refillable packaging. In fact, by buying large quantities of the products our beauty salon can reduce waste, cut out transportation costs and avoid buying pumps that are not recyclable.

♻️ Go paperless

During pandemic times, going paperless became not just an eco-friendly solution but also an important hygienic rule. You can book your appointment with our beauty professionals directly on our website. It’s easier, faster and covid-free.  

As you have probably understood, we are trying our best to become a sustainable beauty salon because we think that we are in the last hours to turn things around. We don’t use sustainability as a key to growing our business.

Our point is rather that adopting sustainable practices is essential for your future, our future, the future of the planet!  

Figaro London doesn’t see sustainability as a trend but as a duty and we want you to start this eco journey with us.

Would you like to find ways to start your own eco-friendly transformation? Read our article about “your beauty routine and sustainability” and discover some tips and products that will help you reduce your impact on the planet! 

Take good care of yourself and of the planet! 


Figaro London


PS: Are you a salon owner and you just finished reading our blog post about our idea of a sustainable beauty salon? We hope you’ll take inspiration from it. After all, we’re all in this, together. It’s about our future, your future, the future of our humanity. So why not join the mission? Let’s join forces and help our planet as best as we can. We would be delighted to know if you followed some of our tips and tricks for your salon as well. The more salons using environmentally friendly practices, the better!

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