>serChristmas may be the best season of the year for all of us. However, without a doubt, it is also a time of excessive consumerism and waste, leading to shocking environmental consequences.

 About 30% more waste is produced at this time of year. This includes the more than 1 billion Christmas cards that are discarded annually.

To reduce the environmental impact and maintain this wonderful tradition going in the years to come, we must establish small but significant habits.


  • Reusing gift packaging materials
  • Use 100% recyclable or biodegradable wrapping paper, and avoid metallic or shiny paper.
  • Avoid plastic decorations 
  • Switching to glass or ceramic cutlery instead of plastic
  • Replace gifts with experiences or services (fancy service gift cards?)

This issue affects not only ordinary households but also businesses.

To reduce waste, we use products with refillable and recyclable packaging, disinfect surfaces and clean windows with paper waste, and have air-purifying plants throughout the salon.


It is critical that we take these actions, especially now that the holidays bring more customers and waste.


Recycle your trash, don’t trash the environment.




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