Absolutely friends! The union between beauty and sustainability is possible. Read and discover why.

We are going to give you some useful tips to move from an eco-destructive to a sustainable beauty routine.

The number of beauty businesses that are searching for sustainable beauty solutions is skyrocketing. Big players have understood that natural ingredients are not enough. This is the reason why they are setting up some initiatives to put the health of the planet first.

But which rules do they follow to achieve their sustainable beauty goal? Every single brand has its ace up the sleeve, but the 3R mantra is what unites them. What are we talking about?

The 3 Rs stand for: REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

Businesses, like Figaro London Hair & Beauty, are searching for innovative and eye-opening solutions to:

  • reduce waste and pollution
  • reuse their packaging
  • find innovative ways to recycle them

But do you know what are the steps that you, as a consumer, can follow to make your beauty routine more sustainable?

You can start with small changes that can reduce your impact on the planet:

1) Search for brands that follow sustainable practices 

Do some research on the internet and try to find companies that put the health of the planet first. There are some key characteristics to look for:  

  •  Ethical sourcing and manufacturing of materials: look for brands that work directly with fair trade companies and ethically sourced products. 
  • Use of natural and organic ingredients: make sure that the brand doesn’t use chemicals both for the production and growth of the ingredients. 
  • Use of recycled packaging: but remember, not all parts of packaging can always be recycled. Try to separate them properly (for example, pumps cannot be recycled because they are made up of different materials).
  • Use of vegan formulas: make sure to find the “leaping bunny” on the product label, this certifies that the product isn’t tested on animals.

2) Reduce useless waste  

What are everyday products that can be replaced with more eco-friendly ones?


When it comes to taking off makeup, remover pads become your best friend. But, why not start using reusable fabric ones? They are a cheap and eco-conscious alternative to disposable makeup pads.


Do you think that using your electric toothbrush and changing “only” the toothbrush head can be enough to reduce your impact on the environment? Well, it’s a great start but you can do even better. Bamboo toothbrushes and zero waste toothpaste are the products that will give a future to our planet.


Made up of bamboo and organic cotton, they will become your must-have if you want to complete your sustainability transformation.


Plastic razors are cheap and accessible but don’t last long. Instead, investing in a metal safety razor is the perfect alternative for environmentally friendly buyers. You will get a much closer shave and you only need to replace the blades every two weeks.


Every single day, an incredible number of plastic bottles are thrown away. For this reason, a lot of companies are inventing solid and plastic-free products. Lush likes to call these “naked products” which can reduce the impact on the planet.


The number of refillable products is increasing dramatically. Shampoos, shower gels, creams, lipsticks, … the list goes on and on.

3) Take one step at a time

Don’t ask too much of yourself all at once. You can’t make this eco-friendly transformation overnight. Take all the time you need; Figaro London is here to help you through your journey: slow and easy steps are the key to success. This is what we always keep in mind as a sustainable beauty salon!

We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.
Jennifer Nini


There you have it, some useful tips to start your transformation process towards your sustainable beauty routine.

Let us know if you have other useful advice to share with us, and in the meantime, don’t forget to take good care of yourself.


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