Finding a great hair colourist that understands your needs and creates what you’re really after is a great thing. But what can you do to maintain your favourite colour when life prompts you to move away and you need to find another colourist?

Recently, we got a question from a dear client who’s now working in Europe and won’t be back for a couple of months, therefore she asked us whether it would be possible to share the colour codes with a salon over there.

Here’s what we said and suggested:

We always store colour codes and the exact mixtures in our system, and we can share it happily. However, it’s extremely important to know that the condition and current colour of your hair always determines the way to go forward and directly influences the end result.



Just imagine this:

You had xyz colour before your last colour appointment, then we applied a colour mixture. Over time, your favourite colour has obviously faded, the roots have started to appear, so there’s all sorts of different colours, tones and shades emerging in your hair crown.

Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that your current hair colour is the same as you had before your last appointment. That naturally also means that it’s highly unlikely that applying the same colour code combination on your hair now, would get you the same end result.

Colour cocktail in the making

Colour cocktail in the making

Of course, knowing the colour codes will help, but it should be treated as a guide line only. Your new colourist needs to check your hair first and then modify the mixture accordingly.

Make sure the salon you’re visiting is a good one with great reviews, and ask this question to test the approach of your new colourist before booking an appointment:

If I give you the exact colour code combination that was used on my hair last time, will you be able to create the same colour for me? If the answer is yes, ask how they would proceed.

If the answer is along the lines of what we explained above, you’re likely in good hands. If they’d just apply the exact same concoction, that could be a warning sign.

Hope this helps you finding a great colourist when going to a different hairdresser. If you have any questions or concerns about finding the right hairdresser that’s specialised in colour creations, let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to answer.


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