With age and experience come tired skin and jowls. Thanks to a non-surgical face lift treatment called Transdermal Mesotherapy Facial, there is a non-invasive, convenient way to regain tight, toned and radiant skin. From December 2018, it’s available at Figaro London and we’re super excited about it. Wanna try? Here’s all you need to know.

Transdermal mesotherapy facial is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment to nourish, repair and regenerate your skin. During this treatment, electrophoretic waves are used to transport a highly-effective serum through your skin’s protective surface. It’s like a magical work-out for your facial muscles!

Cell channels open up and active ingredients are allowed to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin called the mesoderm.

What does the treatment feel like?

It’s actually a nice, relaxing facial treatment. During the treatment, you’ll feel a little tingling sensation, that’s down to the electrophoretic waves. Your teeth may be a little sensitive when the areas around your teeth are treated, but don’t worry, the treatment is totally harmless and won’t cause any problems whatsoever.

How often should I get it?

For the best results, you need at least 4 sessions, ideally every 2 weeks, or at least once a month. We can achieve bright, tight appearance immediately but for a lasting result, you’d need to keep a routine. We couldn’t believe our eyes the first time we tried it.

What sort of serum do you use?

Edith uses a potent phyto stem cell serum that comes from completely natural resources. We highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is against botox but wishes to achieve a significantly firmer skin structure in a natural way.

The result:

  • Hydration at the deepest layers of your skin
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Significantly firmer skin structure
  • Healthy looking contours
  • Skin looking and feeling lifted and toned

Treatment steps:

  • Cleansing milk
  • Cavitation peeling
  • Tonic
  • Application of phyto stem cell serum
  • Mesotherapy treatment: 10 minutes per area
  • Soothing Cryotherapy to close back the cell channels and keep the serum inside
  • Final moisturising cream

Edith is a highly qualified beauty therapist. She comes from the medical profession, is a skin care expert, and clients love her for her exceptional expertise in both waxing and facials. She is lovely, bubbly, super friendly and a very kind person. Book an appointment with her to consult what facial would be most suitable for your skin so you can put together a bespoke skin care regime.

Here’s what a recent client just said about the new mesotherapy facial:

“You know that nice feeling of toned muscles and a general freshness after an hour at the gym? That’s exactly how my skin felt after my first transdermal mesotherapy facial.

I spent an hour under Edith’s magical hands. After cleansing my skin, she applied the serum and used this kind of vibrating little head to massage the serum deep inside my skin. At my forehead, it felt a bit funny at first, the tingling was a bit too strong I felt, so we readjusted the strength. When we got to my cheeks, it was the other way round – I felt that I could bear with the setting being a bit stronger. I told Edith, and again, she readjusted the strength. I relaxed completely and thoroughly enjoyed the treatment.

When we finished, my skin felt so plump like never before, and it was radiant, toned, and my crow-feet were significantly reduced. I could also notice that my smile wrinkles around the sides of your mouth were more relaxed.

Can’t wait to see what a regular mesotherapy facial regime will do to my skin, but it’s definitely a promising start!”

– Gabi

Give your skin a boost of health and freshness.

Invest in your skincare routine and treat yourself to a wonderful mesotherapy facial, no needles, just pure hydration at the deepest layers of your skin.

Now available at Figaro London at a very favourable price: £65 per treatment.


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