We are restructuring our gents hair services as we are introducing our new gent’s hairdressers and barbers who will be providing a more individualised experience for you. Here’s what to expect.

New men’s hair services in the house! And a great team of top men’s hairdressers and barbers are now at the ready to serve you.

With great beard comes great responsibility

Today, the perfect beard trim is just as important as a sharp, clean haircut. Our beard grooming services now include a thorough consultation as part of every service, beard design and styling. When it comes to beard styles, check out this blog for inspiration in this year’s beard trends, compiled by our team of men’s hairdressers and barbers.

Alvaro in action

Keeping your hair standards high

Longer hairstyles for men are trending these days. Which is why we introduced maintenance trimming into our men’s hair service portfolio. We leave the upper part of your hair untouched so you can continue to grow it, we’ll just make sure that the sides, the neck and back areas are nice and tidy. Why would you pay the price of a full haircut service when it’s just a touch up after all?

Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp

The skin-fade trend will not go away anytime soon. It’s sharp, it’s clean, it’s tidy. The fade effect is achieved by the gradually shorter hair length. It’s a hairstyle that highlights the styling on the top. A low skin fade haircut can look more professional, while a high skin fade looks edgy and bold. The skin-fade haircut requires extra precision to nail it, which is why we now offer this as a men’s hair service in its own right.

Figaro’s Special Pampering Package

Figaro London is not a barbershop per se. You see, we do both ladies and gents services, but we don’t offer for example the hot towel experience you’d expect from a great barber. However, the standard of our gents hair services comes as close to the best barbershop haircut as it can get. Try our Special Pampering Package for instance. Apart from the usual precision wash, cut and styling, it includes beard and moustache grooming, a special scalp refreshing treatment, and a relaxing head massage.

Finally, one last thing. We don’t like to brag about this as it’s just natural to us, but now that you’ve got this far reading we should perhaps mention: with every hair and beauty service we offer a complimentary hot drink. We always have alternative milk options available, and our coffee comes always from the finest Nespresso coffee selections available. Forget the dreadful instant coffee!

Your coffee is served

We hope this helps you select the right men’s hair service and our team of gent’s hairdresser hope to have the honour to serve you soon.


Figaro London


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