What is the best beard style for you? Figure it out right now!

Whether you’re looking for a fancy change of style or you’re passionate about facial hair or you’re recently clean-shaven and you need a beard-growing battle plan, this guide will help you with your choice and will show you all the best beard styles to suit both your face and your personality.


1. Stubble beard style

stubble beard styleThe stubble beard, also known as “the 3 day beard” is a beard style with a length of 3mm. This is a perfect style for men with baby faces, because it adds immediately maturity and it’s the best option for those who struggle to grow thick and/or full beard. Also, stubble provides a good camouflage for facial imperfections (like acne scars).

Despite the effort and the easiness of this style, it’s very important to achieve a natural and accurate look, rather than appearing scruffy.


2. The Goatee style

goatee style

The goatee beard refers to any style featuring hair above the lip and on the chin only, sometimes connected to create a frame for the mouth.
Goatee looks especially good on slim, angular faces and can make a round face look slightly slimmer. It’s great on guys with short or curly hair.


3. The Beardstache style

beardstacheIn this beard style, the moustache is kept longer and fuller than the surrounding hair. It adds a hyper-masculine ruggedness to any face.

It looks best on guys with a wider philtrum (the stretch of skin between the top lip and nose) and a prominent chin due to it drawing attention higher up the face.


4. The Short Beard

short beard The short beard is a more classic and versatile style and It’s an office-friendly alternative.

This style will suit most face shapes. But you may need to customize it in order to make it more suitable for your face’s shape. For example, if you have a thin and/or narrow face, you might want to leave the sides slightly longer, so that you can add width to it.


5. Full Beard

Among all the beard styles, this is the harder to keep, because it certainly needs more maintenance than the others. However, for those who have enough time and patience, the full beard will add charm and a touch of originality.

full long beard

If your face shape is oval, this style will surely work on you. But if you have any other shape, you may need to find a creative design to ensure it flatters. For example, round faces can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter.


6. Beard Fade

fade beard

After the fade haircut, it was only a matter of time before fades became also a part of facial hair. In fact, the fade has become an important element in modern barbering.

It’s a style that requires pretty consistent growth across your face. If you have patchy facial hair, the final result won’t be as expected.



7. Beard Design

This cool look takes the nape shape to the next level by continuing the pint of the V in the beard. This is just

beard designan option, because you may want to choose between different, trendy design.





You’ve just seen our selection of the best beard styles of this year. If you’re still in doubt or you don’t know which one could suit you better, ask our men’s hairdressers and barbers Alvaro, Thomas and Bea to tend to your beard with your next trim.



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