Close your eyes and imagine the most immaculate manicure and pedicure you can think of. Spotless, clean cuticles, perfectly shaped nails, and flawless colour finish. That’s precisely what you can expect from Melania. Nothing less. Only more.

Nails are finally back on our menu, on a more regular basis, thanks to Melania, a highly experienced nail technician who’s joined us this week. She has a lot of experience working in busy nail salons. She is kind, professional, and absolutely meticulous in her work.

Besides working as a nail technician, Melania studies graphic design at university and has that true creative touch to her hands that you have to experience to understand. Words just don’t do it justice.

Clients always compliment my cuticle work. It’s true: I’m very precise, very thorough yet super careful. There have never been any injuries under my watch thanks to a special technique that I developed. And cuticle work is a super-important preparatory step that is crucial to get right for a good manicure or pedicure.
– Melania, Professional Nail Technician, Manicurist and Pedicurist

Check out this video that we compiled of her nail art portfolio:

Melania is available by appointment only, but her calendar is open for bookings from 9am – 9pm, Monday to Thursday and she will occasionally be available on some weekend days as well if you’re lucky to find a slot with her.

Great nails don’t happen by chance. They happen by appointment.

Book yours today.


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PS: To learn more about Melania, her professional background and career highlights, this link leads the way.

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