Professional Nail Technician, Manicurist and Pedicurist, BIAB Gel Nail Extension Specialist

Melania is a professional nail technician with a wealth of experience working in nail salons, looking after clients who expect meticulous precision. She’s genuine, kind, and her expertise in all things manicure and pedicure is exceptional. Besides working as a nail technician, Melania studies graphic design at university. She looks forward to serving you any day between Monday to Thursday, sometimes even on a weekend day if you’re lucky to find a slot with her. Do book!


2017 Professional Nail Academy, Romania


I’ve always been fascinated by fashion and the beauty industry. However, it wasn’t until I was 20 that I had my first manicure! From that point, there was no going back: I was hooked. I went to a reputable nail academy in my country to learn the tricks of the trade, studied and practised relentlessly until I was fully confident and got qualified as a professional nail technician. 

I love being creative and enjoy doing nail art. Recently, I started to study graphic design at university to add to my professional skillset. I love drawing nail art as much as I enjoy doing cartoons and illustrations.


I’ve had the pleasure to do many really interesting nail designs for truly wonderful clients. But I’m going to say that starting my nail business under the umbrella of Figaro London is the single most important highlight at the moment that I’m focusing on to make it a success. Ever since I started to work as a nail technician, I’ve always wanted to work for myself and run my own salon. This is as close to it as it gets.


One day, a client told me: I bet in your previous life you were a surgeon. Because you’re so precise and meticulous.
Clients always compliment my cuticle work. It’s true: I’m very precise, very thorough yet super careful. There have never been any injuries under my watch thanks to a special technique that I developed. And cuticle work is a super-important preparatory step that is crucial to get right for a good manicure or pedicure.


I love OPI which is the brand Figaro London uses. I also use some other brands and products occasionally for my manicures and pedicures such as CND or Gel Bottle which is an organic brand. But OPI is a trusted brand that I know delivers the results clients and nail techs expect.


“Enjoy every day like it’s your last, because one day, you’re going to be right.”

Lovely manicure at this salon! Caring and friendly, the treatment was quick and really pleased with the results! 🙂


16th November 2022

First time receiving a manicure service and I absolutely love how my nails turned out! Melania is very attentive towards the details in the nail art which gave it a clean polish in the end! She is also really friendly and took really great care of me!


31st October 2022

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