Nail extensions help your hands shine by adding a little length to your natural nail. Nail extensions can be done in multiple different ways. Each nail technician swears by different techniques, different materials and brands. Here at Figaro London, we pride ourselves on hard gel nail extensions that are individually sculpted and customised. Here’s why.

Professionally Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions is and has always been our signature manicure service. It starts with a very thorough, highly professional manicure and prepping, followed by sculpting a bespoke set of gel nail extensions on your natural nails. It’s a meticulously precise work that can only be done exceptionally by a real professional. That’s the reason why for such a long time, we weren’t able to offer this highly popular service.

You see, when a highly qualified nail technician moves on (and thanks to the pandemic, we had to deal with an unprecedented shortage of staff), it’s not easy to find the right person who can do this very nail service. A lot of nail techs are good at acrylics and tips, but Hard Gel Nail Extensions are something only highly qualified nail technicians are able to perform. And for us, when it comes to recruitment, it’s not enough for a nail tech to be highly qualified and skilled. We’re just as much also looking for the right personality, the genuinely kind and caring attitude that we’d simply never compromise on.


Nail technician Melania to your rescue!


Luckily, we’re proud to say that we’ve found an absolutely brilliant manicurist who has the highest level of nail qualifications and is specialised in hard gel nail extensions: Melania is an exceptionally skilled nail technician.

Melania swears by the brands Brillbird and BIAB (aka Builder in a Bottle by The Gel Bottle Inc), both top-quality products used by celebrity nail techs around the UK, Europe and the US.


Gimme length and strength!


When you want to add length to your nails, Melania uses this technique called Hard Gel Nail Extensions with capture frame, aka Professionally Sculpted Gel Nail Extensions. She typically doesn’t use tips as she believes think nail tips are not as comfortable as a bespoke set of gel extensions sculpted onto your natural nails. They just fit perfectly. However, if your natural nails are too short (eg. because you bite your nails and the nail edge is damaged), Melania can use specialist tips to allow your nails to grow and to protect your nails at the same time.


Hard Gel Nail Extensions – Step by Step


Here’s how Hard Gel Nail Extensions are done.

  1. First, a form is customised to the required shape.
  2. It is fitted just beneath the edge of your nails.
  3. A layer of hard gel is applied and sculpted on it.
  4. The length is then customised according to your request.
  5. Shellac / gel polish / BIAB colour is applied on top for a beautiful and precise colour finish.


Capture frame fitted underneath the nail edge, hard gel application


To see this service performed step by step, check out this video:


If you’re ready for flawless, fierce nails, let our nail technician Melania lend her talent and artistry to your nail extensions.


Figaro London



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