Do you know the difference between hydrating and moisturising your hair?

Did you know that putting oil on your hair won’t hydrate it?


We’re going to look at the difference today.

Just like us, humans, your hair needs to drink (hydration) and eat (nutrition).

We don’t always realise it, but there is a difference between hydrating and moisturising your hair, it can be interesting to pay attention to it!



– A dehydrated hair can be dry, and difficult to style. The main cause of dehydration is heat such as hair dryers or straightening.
To hydrate your hair use water-based products such as water, aloe vera or floral waters.

Hydration also comes from inside, to stay hydrated drink make sure to drink enough water.



– A hair that needs nutrition is brittle with split ends. This can be linked to pollution, repeated chemical treatments or colouring.
Nourishing your hair will make it stronger. What you can use are oils, vitamin or keratin care.


Sealing the moisture in

Water and oil do not mix. Once the hair is hydrated, you can add oil to your hair to retain moisture in the hair shaft.

To sealed the moisture in your hair use Jojoba oil or shea butter oil.

For healthy hair, it is important to provide both moisture and nutrition. An alternative can be leave-in conditioners that can nourish and hydrate your hair at the same time!



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