It’s an investment, we know, so make sure you take good care of your eyelash extension … 
Here’s a list of golden rules compiled by Fanny, our highly skilled eyelash stylist to help you look after them:
  • Do not expose your lashes to heat including sunbed or steam for 48 hours.
  • Do not get your extensions wet for 48 hours after application.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers, as these will damage your lashes.
  • Be very gentle when cleansing the eyelash area.
  • Do not use oil-based mascara as the oil dissolves the glue and will make your extensions fall out.
  • Non oil-based mascara is difficult to remove without damaging your extensions, and a build-up of mascara can cause eye infections. It’s best to stay away from mascara altogether.
  • Use eye make-up products that contain no oils, as oil dissolves glue. Liquid eyelineers and cream based eye shadows do contain oil, unless otherwise stated. Pencil eyeliners and powder eye shadows do not contain oils.
  • Do not use oil-based cleansers and make-up removers. Simple non-oil-based eye make-up remover is your best bet.
  • Never pick or pull your lashes. If you want them removed, it should always be done by a trained professional.

How it’s made? Have a look here:

Well then, good bye mascara.


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