Colouring your hair is an investment that you’d want to keep for as long as possible. However, if the shampoo you use is too harsh or perhaps uses ingredients that don’t work well with the chemicals in your hair dye, your colour will fade sooner. You can keep your hair colour looking vibrant and radiant for longer by implementing colour preserving practices that will protect the colour for weeks to come. A good colour protecting haircare regime will do two things: 1. Preserve your freshly done hair colour and stop it from fading. 2. Nourish your hair by replenishing it with vital moisture. Here are our hair colourists’ top tips to preserve your new colour and keep your hair healthy and radiant:

  1. Make sure you stick to specifically formulated colour protecting shampoo and conditioner after your colour appointment. They contain special protecting ingredients alongside a boost of pigments that will help to minimise any wash-out.
  2. Use a tinted hair mask treatment at least once a week for colour revitalisation, especially if your hair’s been bleached.
  3. Try not to wash your hair on a daily basis. A hair wash strips your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and dull. If it needs be, then it’s an absolute must to use colour protecting haircare products.
  4. Allow your hair to catch its breath after a colour treatment. Keep heated styling tools away for a while. If you can’t live without straightener or curler, make sure you use the right heat protection beforehand, and follow up with recommended leave-in treatments such as oils or creams.

Our personal hair care favorites when it comes to colour protection are the Wella Colour Spa Brilliance and Goldwell’s Dualsenses colour protecting product range. Wella’s Colour Spa Brilliance contains Microlight Crystal Complex which locks up colour vibrancy for up to 5 weeks. Goldwell’s Colour Extra Rich, Blonds & Highlights, and Silver range instantly bring out colour luminosity of coloured and non-coloured hair. As gentle as water, the unique FadeStopFormula minimises colour fading with every use.

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