If you suffer from heavy build-up on your scalp, this in-salon scalp renewal treatment by Nioxin may be able to help and ease the problem. Have a look at this case study for flaky scalp

Our client has suffered from itchy, flaky scalp for years. When it gets itchy, it’s extremely difficult to resist scratching it, meaning that patches of inflammation is almost inevitable. It becomes a vicious cycle that’s not easy to break.

Heavy build-up keeps nourishment from your hair roots, which may result in thinning hair and hair loss.

Before. Heavily flaky scalp, with patches of inflammation.

Before. Heavily flaky scalp, with patches of inflammation.


The Nioxin derma renew treatment is an in-salon formula, specifically developed for scalp that needs exfoliation in order to slow down and then break the cycle of flakes and dandruff coming back.

After first treatment, there's no flaky scalp

After first treatment.


We wrote extensively about the treatment and its steps here. When flakiness is this heavy on the scalp, we recommend visiting your salon and having this treatment done every 5-6 weeks for a minimum of 6 months. The scalp will feel at ease right after the very first treatment, the difference will be visible immediately. With the right after-care regime, you may be on the road to clean, fresh scalp in a few months’ time.


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