Maybe you are wondering: What is a hair colour consultation all about? How does it work? How do I reach out to you guys? Tell me all about it!

Well, thanks for asking, and first of all, hi. This is Figaro London, Hair & Beauty.

We started this free online hair colour consultation a few years ago to help you, to help our clients. Hair colouring is a tricky process. It’s a complex chemical procedure and it’s best to leave it to experts to avoid any unwanted hair colour disasters.

Some may be thinking: “Isn’t it just putting some colour on my hair?“. Unfortunately no. To do a great job, we need to know what pigments are present in your hair.

Therefore, we have to understand, what you’ve been doing to it in these past months, what products you used and use currently. This is the time when you must be super honest and tell us all.

Treat it like coming to a doctor’s appointment. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’re here to listen to you and to come up with a treatment plan and price quote so you can make an informed decision on the right way forward for you.




The more we know, the more helpful we can be. 

This way we can make sure your hair stays healthy and nourished and get the best result possible.

We give you a piece of advice before going through the transformation and also after, we provide you with some specific hair care instructions to make the colour last longer and also keep your hair healthy.

Here is a case study of a dear client of ours who went through an amazing lightening process.

We won’t talk about the process itself, because we’ve explored this topic thoroughly in this blog.

This time, our focus‘ll be on the online hair colour consultation itself so you understand how it works. For many, it can be obvious the process, but for those who are a little bit unsure on whether a consultation could be useful to them, here we go.


This colour consultation is totally free and it’s online. We usually do it over Whatsapp. So if you message us, you won’t be charged a penny. It’s a service we offer to help you make a decision and see what’s best for your hair. Our hairdressers want the best for you and they’ll give their expert opinion to support you in making a decision.

How does the hair colour consultation begin? 

Well, you have to make the first move. First step? Toying with the idea of a new hair colour. Terrifying for some … Many doubts could come across your mind: how should I approach this? Is this a good idea? Should I just let this thing go?

But as in love and friendship, and everything in life, to be honest, sometimes you just have to pull yourself together and take the plunge. Many times doubts hold back our dreams, our wishes. Don’t let them and don’t think too much about it.

If the thought was already running through your head about making a change, it means that this is what you pretty much want! 

Then … As we have already said, it’s all without obligation, and if during the consultation you feel that it is not really for you and you can’t put your head around it, you simply quit and say no thanks. It’s as simple as that! 

So … How does it work?

It’s on Whatsapp, and it goes something like this ➡️

This is an example. But other times, the inquiry is very specific: this is what I want, I know that it’ll suit me, can you just tell me how much you charge? Either way is perfectly fine.

We would reply with something like ➡️


So, there we go … Pictures … It’s not easy to find the right ones. So here is an example taken from what this client of ours sent us (you will see her transformation at the end, so keep reading).

[She also sent us some inspo pictures from Pinterest]


hair colour consultation

Once we receive your pictures, we’ll ask what sort of colour and chemical treatments you’ve done to your hair in the past 6-12 months. 😉

Your hair history is very important because we’ll know what we will have to deal with, what to prepare for … If you used any home colouring (during lockdown, this was a survival for many we understand), we’d sometimes even ask you to send images about the packaging of the home dye, The more info we have, the better the final outcome.

After you send us some pictures of the products … 

From here we can actually have a quote for you, and here you can decline and go on with your life or we can proceed with this colouring project. It’s all up to you, feel free to do what you feel is right for you. This client of ours decided that she wanted to go ahead, so we explained to her what our colourists would do during the session. 

The client had dark Asian hair, and she did use some home dye to tone it to a different shade which we had to take into consideration.

Here is an extract, so you can have an idea: 

We always want to give a thorough explanation both to inform and to reassure the client that we know what we are talking about. 
If this doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to say so, we can have a call or talk in person. We really want to know what you are going through and what your perplexities are. 
In this case, our client said she would rather not want highlights, she really wanted to go all over blond, and to achieve the safest and lightest blond possible.

We’d be happy to give you a call tomorrow to discuss the process and answer your questions, perhaps it’s easier over the phone but we hope this helps for now to get a clearer picture.” 

That’s what we told her. And after talking to the client, we re-run the maths and estimated the treatment to take a whopping 5 hours and cost around £350 all in.

She went for it and this is what she said after the treatment…

“I think I just found my perfect hair colour. I’m loving it. Thank you.”

We want to deliver a lovely experience, not something you will regret or not enjoy. For that, a thorough consultation is essential. 

So, this is pretty much it. And finally, here’s the result of this client’s transformation! All the examples we used above were from real-life conversations we had with our clients. Hope it helps you to see why a consultation is needed and what it takes to help you achieve the colour of your dreams. 💚 



If you’d like to try our free hair colour consultation … ⤵️

See you next time! 😎


Figaro London 💚

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