Lockdown has started but we still should look good, if only for ourselves, as Dostoevsky’s remarked “Beauty will save the world” and we could all use a little saving these days 🌺
And beauty is hard everyday work, that is easier while salons are open, but we can`t completely relax anyway.
So we’re going to give you a few tips on how to take care of your appearance while you can’t visit a salon.

Image for doing pedicure at home

Here are our 3 steps for a great and simple pedicure at home🦶:
1. Use the scrub at least 2 times a week. Apply it to dry feet and massage gently, then rinse.
2. Moisturise daily. Apply intensive moisturising after bathing or showering. Use your thumbs to massage the arch of your foot, then move to your toes. Massage feet for about 10-15 minutes
3. Take care of your nails. Clean them regularly and trim after bathing, because they are softer during this time and always use cuticle oil.


We hope these steps can help you have do pedicure at home, if you want to have a cool pedicure design, we are here to have

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