This will be somewhat controversial, as we find that certain nail technicians believe this is a myth, but we feel strongly about it and speak from experience: water can compromise the manicure itself. If you come and see us for a shellac / gel polish / nail polish appointment, the preparatory steps will include a manicure (preparing the nail plate and cuticle work), but we will not soak your nails. Here’s why.

When you soak your nails, they absorb water and expand. As they dry, they contract back. Law of physics.

Fanny preparing the nail for a gel polish manicure

Fanny preparing the nails for a gel polish manicure

If we apply any kind of polish onto semi-swollen nails, the water in the nails becomes trapped, the foundations of the polish might become compromised as the nail starts to dry and contract. You see, moisture will try to escape from the nails. And that might cause the polish to separate from the nail, so the polish will likely chip sooner.

Not soaking the nails ensure that your manicure lasts longer.

Hope you’ll find this helpful.

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