A shellac manicure can usually last 14 days without chipping. If you want your shellac to last another fortnight or so, protecting your natural nails, a nude-ish Shellac Forte is your best bet.

Here are 3 reasons why you may want to try it.

  1. If you like neutral colours like French or light pinkish shades that are close to the tone of your nail bed, you won’t need to worry too much about growth and infills. The grown out bit will be hardly visible, it blends in nicely.

    French Gel Overlay - after 3 weeks

    French Gel Overlay – after 3 weeks

  2. You may think that to make your manicure last even longer, we’d need to apply multiple layers that will make your nails uncomfortably thick. Wrong! We use a new formula that will make the layers super sleek and ultra thin, yet very durable.

    Shellac Forte - Soft nude

    Shellac Forte – Soft nude

  3. It’s a lot more risk-free to remove and then re-do it. With normal shellac, when we remove the colour, we are very close to the nail plate as the base has to be removed as well. Over time, that can make your nails thin and more sensitive.
    Thin and sensitive nails after shellac removal

    Thin and sensitive nails after shellac removal

    If you feel that your nails are becoming too thin, we would certainly recommend you the Shellac Forte service. It comes with an additional base that will strengthen your natural nails, upon which your nail professional would apply the colour.

    So next time you come to your appointment, we would remove the colour only, and the base would stay intact, protecting your natural nails in the long run.

Win – win-win. Shellac manicure lasts longer, protects your natural nails, and is not overly thick whatsoever.

Wanna try? Give us a call on 02072537057 or book an appointment with one of our nail technicians and see it for yourself.


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