Want to know what event the hair and beauty industry looks forward to each year? PB aka Professional Beauty. It’s where we learn about upcoming trends and socialise with other salons and professionals in the trade. 2 years went by since the last edition (you know, pandemic …), and we were delighted to receive the invitation to PB 2022.

For the umpteenth time, the venue for Professional Beauty was the Excel, the centre for the biggest and most important trade exhibitions in London. We booked tickets for the 3rd and 4th April and couldn’t wait for the days to come.

Professional Beauty is an opportunity for hairdressers, beauty and health professionals to come together in one place and learn, be inspired and try new products and revolutionary hair and beauty services that have never been seen before.

Want to know what we spotted this year? We’ll reveal everything we found exciting in this very blog. Just continue to scroll down.

Two days full of emotions and intense feelings. Every sense was involved in this magnificent exhibition.


PB is vaaaaast. To fully appreciate it, it’s important that we visit every exhibitor and every corner. We’re not exaggerating when we say that it was rather overwhelming for the feet as well as the eyes to process it all.

There were numerous competitions that took place at the fair. Between brush strokes, the brightest hairdressers, beauticians, and make-up artists competed against each other in competitions to show off their passion and techniques in various disciplines. Models also lent themselves to this experience, parading down the aisles of the pavilion and showing off their looks to the keenest photographers who wanted to capture these moments. Between elegant dresses and wedding gowns, variety and elegance were the words that describe best what we saw.


The hearing was the second major player of this experience because with music, seminars, and conversations there was a lot to listen to and learn at this event. There were stages dedicated to the world of organic and natural products, business and management, skincare, business marketing, social media, and finally, nail and make-up. The speaker line-up was just brilliant and we couldn’t stop taking notes.

Many people gave small talks at each stage and just as many people came to listen and ask questions.


We can only talk about the delights on offer in the pavilion in terms of taste. Chocolate fountains, pancakes, candy floss, candy, and all kinds of goodness you can imagine were present. Each stand knew how to grab the attention of the right people! And between coffees and glasses of bubbly, it was like being at a continuous party.


Let’s not neglect the sense of smell either. This Professional Beauty was an explosion of smells, and the most passionate fans will have been able to recognise every single smell. Between perfumes and air fresheners, essential oils and massage creams, aromatic fragrance diffusers, hairsprays, solvents, and nail varnish, every step you took was a step towards a different smell, a different fragrance.


Last but not least. Touch. Each stand had a wide range of testers to try out, so everything could be experienced directly on our own skin. Creams, scrubs, and serums to try were on offer, mostly derived from natural products. Massages, ranging from traditional massages while lying on a couch to instant massages while standing with a massage gun. Teeth whitening with a personalised session carried out in just a few minutes using a luminous tooth mask. Body waxing and depilation using innovative techniques and rough brushes to remove hair and exfoliate the skin. Nail polish and nail art trials on dedicated chairs. Hair and hair extension trials as well as make-up and facial products. Seriously – the list is endless.

If you have come this far, we thank you for your time reading this compilation. And if you think it’s time for that next hair or beauty service – you know what to do.


Figaro London 💚

P.S. Here is a photo of our representative after one of the Business, Marketing and Social Media round tables with Hollie Power, Hayley Harley-Smith, Keri Blue, and Keeks Reid. It was good fun! See you soon.




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