Thought that a ‘detox’ was just for your body? Think again. Now is the perfect time to take your skin and scalp to rehab – as told to us by skin care expert Edith and professional hairdresser Balazs.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it is constantly in contact with the elements. It has three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation.

Every day, our skin is exposed to countless external stressors – wind, cold air, sudden temperature changes (think going inside a cosy warm room from the cold and windy outside), smoke, fumes, pollution and UVA/UVB rays. These can all lead to visible signs of skin damage, so it is practically impossible to avoid encountering toxins on a daily basis.

A detox is therefore highly recommended from time to time to help your body get rid of those toxins that the skin absorbs which may cause visible signs of ageing and other damage.

A skin detox enables the skin to perform its three primary functions that keep us safe. Second, detox will give the skin a much cleaner, healthier appearance – and you’ll feel much better as a result.

Follow these 4 + 2 steps to a cleaner, fresher, healthier skin and scalp.

  1. Reduce your sugar intake. Cut down on the amount of sugar you add to your drinks, and don’t forget about those syrups that you may want to add to your morning latte. Reduce it slowly and you’ll notice that you don’t desire it that much eventually.  Attempt to sweeten things with honey or cacao, as they are great alternatives to white sugar – and provide magnesium, alongside other essential minerals including calcium, sulphur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins – all essential to overall health and wellness!
  2. Drink enough water (minimum 6 – 8 glasses per day) or coconut water (high in potassium/electrolytes) daily is important for your overall health because it aids in circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion, and promotes a healthier, hydrated, younger-looking, and radiant complexion.
  3. Go sweating: Exercise gets your heart beating and your skin sweating, which helps to cleanse impurities from your body. Consider a heat yoga or spa session to turn up the heat.
  4. Treat your complexion to regular detoxifying facials.

MicrodermabrasionOur brand new facial service includes microdermabrasion, a purifying mask and facial massage to help your skin get rid of those toxins and look fresh, clean and healthy.

Our scalp is a living breathing skin too, that is also exposed to the elements. Looking after our hair should start right at the scalp, Balazs explains.

  1. A scalp-stimulating massage encourages blood circulation to the very top of the skin. When you massage your scalp, you will be stimulating blood flow to your hair follicles. This will supply your hair roots with much needed nutrients and oxygen. Scalp massages also help your blood to detox by carrying away toxins from the scalp and eliminating them from your body via the detox organs. You can do a simple scalp massage yourself at home every once in a while, and we hairdressers are also trained in performing a special scalp-stimulating massage that we do when washing your hair. We always ask whether you’d like to have one. This is the time to really go for it.
  2. Hair products that we use daily can clog pores by creating buildup on top of accumulated dead skin, which can cause dull, greasy hair, and slow hair growth. Shampooing alone does not cleanse your scalp deep enough to get rid of all the build up.

Nioxin scalp renewTherefore, detoxifying your scalp is a great process to include in your healthy hair care regimen. The Nioxin scalp renew treatment is an in-salon treatment that is highly recommended to be done at least 4 times a year.


New year, new beginnings. Here’s to a happier, healthier you.


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