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❔What is that? 


The mid-length bob is a chunky kind of hairstyle that shows off the neck but is long enough to tie. 

Due to its slightly longer length, it is perfect for blow-dried and air-dried hair. It’s a bit longer than a ’90s bob, which means you can put your hair up on a hot day if you want. 

The length of the midi bob is very important. If you’ve been on the receiving end of a scissor-loving stylist and faced with a bob that’s too short, you’ve probably noticed that it’s fairly straight and flat, arched under the chin. As the hair grows, it becomes longer and heavier, which allows the hair to move naturally. 

❔How is it different from the other types of bob?


☑ French bobs are often cut with bangs of varying lengths to complement the eyes and cheeks and add a graceful silhouette to shorter lengths. 


☑ 90s bobs tended to be longer than French bobs but lacked the shorter fringe in the front. 


☑ The mid-length bob is even longer than the ’90s bob, but with a slightly shorter cut at the front of the hair.


An easy way to find the perfect mid-to-long bob length is to tilt your head forward. Rub your hands around the back of your neck as you tilt your chin down. You should be able to feel the slightly protruding bone where your neck and shoulders meet. 


Now move down a little bit (about the width of two fingers) and you should feel another smaller bone in the back of your neck. This is the perfect length for cutting mid to long bobs. 


When cutting the back, make sure to keep your chin angled down during the haircut. Then, raise your head as your hairstylist begins to trim the sides 😉




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