Every once in a while, clients approach us with questions like these: What can I do to make my grey hair look better? I don’t want to hide it, I don’t want to dye it, but I also don’t want it to look like I don’t care about it. Any suggestions? Well – yes!

Ready to embrace your grey hair but want to enhance the look of it? Want a style that looks more deliberate? Well done. We know that there’s this push in society to cover the natural sign of ageing (or premature ageing) and it can be quite disheartening. It takes guts and confidence to say ‘I’m ready to embrace what I have and I want to wear it proudly.’

Luckily, grey and silver hair are now very much on-trend. Clients who have zero grey would come to get their natural blonde or darker hair more silver-ish. It’s one of those riddles: if you do have it, you want to change it. If you don’t have it, you want just that …

Here’s a case study of a client who wanted to embrace her natural grey hair. She wanted a look that was more “deliberate”, enhancing her grey hair and make it look more sophisticated.

We suggested opting for some subtle highlights. The idea was that we’d blend in the grey and silver strays to create an ultra-natural, beautiful finish.

As we do with any new colour client, first, we asked for some photos of the hair so we could see where we’d be starting from.

This is the photo we received:

Natural grey hair

Natural grey hair. Photo taken by client

Then, we asked for some images from Google or Pinterest so we could understand what sort of colour and styles the client liked or disliked. This is to make sure that we are on the same page.

You see, when it comes to colour – it’s a lot easier to ‘talk through photos’. Dark blonde, light blonde, caramel, dark brown – these all mean different things to different people. No words can describe the actual shade you’re after better than a photo.

Once we understood what the goal was, we came up with a treatment plan and no-obligation price quote.

Time-wise, we calculated with around 3 – 3.5 hours for the service and to achieve a bespoke look, we proposed to be doing a full head highlights / balayage service with a combination of foils and freehand technique to create a natural subtle result.

We suggested using a gentle blondor to remove some of the unwanted dark pigments first. And we wanted to use some highlights and lowlights here and there to create a more dynamic look. We knew that a toner would then be needed to bring it all into one composition, but we didn’t want to cover the greys. And we also calculated with a trimm to make sure those hair ends stayed healthy.

All in all, we estimated the service to cost around £178 – that included the full colour service, the haircut and styling and all the materials we’d use.

The client decided to go ahead, so we scheduled an allergy test and in-person consultation with our hair colourist Betty. When the allergy test came back negative, we scheduled the actual appointment  – in this case, it was a week after the test.

The client arrived. Betty took some more photos of the hair in the salon before she got started:


And these are the final results:

Beautiful, low maintenance, looks like it’s deliberate, well looked after, and well maintained. Embracing the transition to grey hair, camouflaging it by adding a touch of colour similar to the natural shade, leaving some pieces lighter than the rest for natural, subtle highlights and – just letting it be.


The appointment took 3 hours and the final bill came to £189.

Would you like to embrace your grey and want some advice on how to make it work?

Reach out to us online, consult with our hair colourists and get a free price quote and treatment plan. No obligation, no need to book an appointment.

Hope this helps.


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