Here’s a case study to show you what a difference a Kerasilk treatment can do to frizzy, difficult to manage hair.

In this video, you’ll see two simple rough blow dries where we used no brush. In the first bit, you’ll see that our client arrived with frizzy hair that she found incredibly difficult to style. We washed it first and dried it using no brush. You can see that the hair strands don’t want to behave, the hair remains all over the place.

In the second bit, you’ll see the same operation, after a Goldwell Kerasilk treatment. Even without using a brush, the hair perfectly falls into place and a naturally beautiful hairstyle emerges just by applying heat.

The effect of a Kerasilk treatment may last 3-5 months, saving you precious time in your morning routine.

For more info on the treatment, have a look at this blog post. Give us a call to book a free consultation.


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