The festive week is now really upon us – and you still have no idea what to buy for some of your loved ones this Christmas? Gift cards … but they’re so tacky – that might be your first thought, but let us explain why it could really be your life saver.

Let us guess – You’re reading on because you’re at least one of these:

  • Extremely busy at work.
  • Stressed & exhausted – as usual by the middle of December.
  • You have absolutely no time to go shopping.
  • Or let’s go even further … you hate shopping!

Honestly … we get you. But we also know that despite the above, you still want to give something personal and something special as a gift. Figaro London’s gift cards have been designed with you in mind, so sit back, relax and check this out.

We developed a customisable set of cards (think foldable cards on high-quality thick paper stock) that you can easily match to the needs and desires of him/her.


The first type of cards comes with three different fronts: One specifically for Christmas, one that suits for ladies and one for men.

When opening it up, you’ll find a beautiful quote inside by Alan Alexander Milne (hint: author of Winnie the Pooh):

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today if a gift.
That’s why we call it the Present.

A. A. Milne

Isn’t it just cute? And the next page is where you can add your personal touch to it:

Figaro London Gift Cards inside

Gift Cards inside


Here are a few suggestions ladies would certainly appreciate as a gift:
  • A wash & blow dry with head massage – always comes handy, especially if they live/work in our area.
  • A refreshing and nourishing facial treatment
  • A manicure – be it French manicure, shellac or gel
  • A professional massage – how about full body, back and shoulders or feet?
For gents, our choice would be:
  • Thomas’ special pampering package including a proper head massage, haircut, beard trimming, styling – an all-round experience.
  • A facial massage – nice and relaxing.
  • Manicure – gents who like to look after themselves would surely love it.
  • Massage is something every man likes and appreciates.

To make the card really special (and avoid sounding like ‘I think you should get a haircut’), we could personalise the cards and write something along these lines inside:

‘This gift certificate entitles you to a superb full body massage courtesy of your loving husband.’


‘This gift certificate entitles you to a relaxing head massage and a nice hairstyle – anytime you fancy a bit of pampering, courtesy of your loving daughter.’


Don’t want to guess what they fancy???? We have the Figaro London Money Gift Card option for you:

With three amounts to choose from or combine: ‎‎£10, £20 and £50, you can definitely find the right combo for those who are more tricky to buy for.

We hope this helps you a little to find the right gift. Got more questions? Give us a call on 02072537057 and we will be happy to assist you.

Wishing you a great weekend, don’t exhaust yourselves shopping, remember that the greatest gift is always to spend time with those you love.


Figaro London

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