Hair extensions are a great way to either extend the length of your hair and/or add some volume to it. Clients turn to us mostly for this service when preparing for their big day and their hair didn’t reach the length they had in mind for the wedding. On many occasions, we’ve helped clients who suffered some sort of damage to their hair due to home colouring or home haircut gone bad. And recently, we had the privilege to help a dear client who was a combination of the two: Preparing for her big day, and also wanting to cover up some damage.

This gave us the inspiration to ask the hair-extension specialists in our tribe to tell us everything we should know and consider when toying with the idea to get our hair extended. And down below, there’s a case study with images to give you an idea what’s possible to achieve if you leave it to expert hands.

1. I just want to have more volume, not necessarily longer locks. Is hair extension a good choice for me?

Yes, definitely. To volumise your hair, less amount of additional hair is needed, and it’s certainly a great way to create a natural looking voluminous hairstyle. It can be cut to the appropriate length and you’re ready to rock.

2. What sort of technique do you suggest and use? Micro-rings, keratin bonded or sewn-in?

We’re always striving to create natural looks. We believe that the end result with micro-ring extensions is not as natural as in the case of pre-bonded keratin extensions. The keratin bonded extension blends in nicely, and the overall look is smooth and amazing. Sewn-in hair extensions are quite old fashioned now. All the other methods are much more advanced and ensure a more professional end result.

3. How long can my hair extensions last?

It depends on how well you maintain and look after them. Generally speaking, it can last anything from 3 to 6 months, but I’ve seen well-maintained hair extensions lasting for 9 months.

4. What sort of hair do you use?

We only use 100% natural, European hair. It’s the best quality and that’s something we don’t want to compromise on here at Figaro London.

5. How should I look after my hair extensions?

Good maintenance and proper care is the key to long lasting, beautiful extensions. Use a special hairbrush specifically designed to comb hair extensions, such as this one:

Hairbrush for hair extensions

Hairbrush for hair extensions

Combing your hair thoroughly at least twice a day will ensure that your hair won’t get tangled and won’t start to become rasta-like at the roots.

Another important thing is to avoid by all means shampoos that contain fruit acid, eg. Garner Fructis and all other great smelling but fruity shampoos. They are the enemy of hair extensions. The fruit acid interacts with the keratin bond and damages it. You certainly don’t want that …

Also, hair straighteners and hair tongues should be kept as far away from the roots and bonds as possible.

6. I also want to colour my hair. What’s the best practise?

You need to know that hair extensions can be coloured and toned, but not bleached. Therefore, if you want to colour your hair too, we always go for extensions with lighter shades which then can be coloured to your needs.

It’s important to prep your hair beforehand so that you don’t have any unwanted dark roots. This is because the colour won’t penetrate into the area where the extensions bond with your natural hair, meaning no full coverage …

If you want highlights with no bleach, applying a few strands of extensions can work the trick. Here’s an example where we applied just a single strand of extension for a little twist:

Single strand of blond hair extensions

Single strand of blond hair extensions

7. What do I need to know about the removal?

A couple of things. First of all, once you decide to go for extensions, there’s no way back for about a month. The bond is quite strong in the first month and is more difficult (but not impossible) to remove. But the plan is to have it on for a longer time anyway …

Removal is a meticulous work but usually quite straightforward. We apply a special removal solution on each bond to break down the keratin. As it starts loosen its grip, the extension can be easily removed.

Whilst the extensions are bonded to your natural hair, regular hair loss is on a halt – not because it doesn’t happen, but because it can’t physically fall out. Therefore, when they are taken out, it might look scary … seemingly it’s like loads of hair being lost. But it’s perfectly normal and there’s no need to worry about it.

8. Can I re-use the extensions?

Yes! If you look after them, the same hair extensions can be put back up to 3 times. We only need to cut a couple of inches back at the section where to bond was applied to make it smooth and even and remove the damaged bit, otherwise it’s good to go. When we remove it, we always package it up and give it back to you for possible future use.

9. Are there any risks involved?

Well, I believe that with a thorough personal consultation, hair assessment and professional application, there shouldn’t be any risks really. Trouble kicks in usually when extensions were applied by someone who hasn’t got the expertise. It’s important to know about the right amount of hair to apply – no more and no less. Knowing about the sensitive areas and contour lines is crucial in order to position the extensions in a way that will make sure they feel comfortable and won’t irritate the scalp.

And a quick case study

Recently, we had the privilege to do the hair of this lovely client, preparing for her wedding. She decided to go for extensions because she wanted more volume and length, and also there’s visible damage to her hair due to home bleaching and colouring went bad.

Hair extension - before

Hair extension – before

Hair extension – before

On her first visit, we applied 100% European hair, creating an even hair crown. The colour was selected carefully because we knew that on her second visit, we’d also colour her hair.

Hair extension - after application

Hair extension – after application

We organised her second visit 5 days after the application of the extensions. This gave some time for her scalp to get used to them before going at it again.

Hair extension - the finished result

Hair extension – the finished result

And here is the end result. We’re absolutely in love with it. She’ll be such a beautiful bride.

Toying with the idea of hair extensions? Book an appointment with us.


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