Anxiety, bad habit – no matter what the reason is: nail biting is one of the hardest beauty bad habits to break. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: nail extensions can change your life. Here’s all you need to know about the manicure that stops nail biting, for good.

I want to get my nails done but I’m so embarrassed because I bite them a lot – is there something you can do for me? A question we get asked quite often. And we have some good news for nail biters.

Individually sculpted gel nail extensions are the answer. They make your nails inaccessible to bite. They are beautiful, super comfortable to wear, can be designed to a length that you  feel most comfortable with, and while they are on, your nails have time to recover.

Apparently, it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. If you get an infill every 2 weeks or so, it takes only 2 appointments with your manicurist to break the vicious circle in a month’s time.

Usually though, our clients fall in love with their extensions, and keep them on much longer. So, if you want to break that nail biting habit, come and talk to our nail technicians Vi and Bea, they’ll be happy to advise and find the right length and solution for you.

“Vi was very welcoming and did such a great job turning my bitten nails into these wonderful Cinderella-like beauties!! Will be back x” (Thais)

While you’re here, check out how gel nail extensions are made:


Hope you’ll find this useful.


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