We get this question asked both pre-pandemic times, and surprisingly also these days. This post is being published during the third national lockdown when hair and beauty salons have to stay closed. The answer is and always have been the same.

No. We don’t do home visits.

Our hairdressers, and also our beauty therapists, nail technicians, manicurists, pedicurists, eyelash stylists all work in the salon, and we don’t go to people’s homes.

The greatest wealth is health

This latest national lockdown in England started on 4th January. Hair and beauty salons had a short comeback between 2nd December and the 20th December. But the infection numbers in England were rising so rapidly that hairdressers, beauty and nail salons were ordered to close for Christmas, and have had to stay closed ever since.

It’s still unclear how long this lockdown will last. With infection numbers still rising and people dying, it’s important we all play our part and follow government guidance to protect the vulnerable and the NHS.

So, like everyone else, we’re playing our part. Hanging in there. Preparing for a comeback, whenever it’s safe again to do so.


During one of our online meetings, we’ve figured out that all our team members have one thing in common: at times, we’d automatically make the second cup of coffee that we would usually prepare for a client.

Your coffee is served

In the good old times, when the salon was open, we used to serve our clients some brilliant blends from Nespresso. We like good coffee and we’re very proud to serve the best of it.

Even though it’s been almost a year since the salon closed for the first time due to the pandemic, the habit still remains.


Please, take good care of yourself, because we want see you again, being healthy and doing well.

And we don’t want that second cup to be wasted 😉.


Figaro London
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